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Myles Downey: The future of coaching

Is a shift occurring in the world of coaching? Instead of leaders hiring an executive coach Ė are they becoming coaches themselves? Liz Scott went to visit Myles Downey in London to see what he thinks.

Coaching and the recession

Organisations may well be taking a long hard look at their budgets Ė however this doesnít mean itís the end of the road for coaching. Coaching is experiencing a boom, but not necessarily in the way you think. Rather than hiring executive coaches to support their leaders and managers on an individual basis, coaches are being brought in as trainers. Organisations are training up their leaders and managers in coaching skills.

Exciting times

Managers and leaders may be having coaching conversations with their staff, however with limited skills the results are haphazard. Coaches are being brought in not coach, but to train people in coaching skills. These are exciting times. The value and worth of coaching is being recognised across the board in organisations.

Itís time for coaches to shine

In the current economic climate itís likely that the good coaches will be the ones that stand out. They are going to be the ones that are able to ride the economic storm. Myles Downey, the best-selling author of believes coaches may have to adapt slightly, but there is still work out there.

Whatí s it like for you?

Do you find that youíre being asked to work deliver coaching skills training rather than one to one coaching? Is it necessary to run an accredited course, or are the skills you have as a coach enough? Iíd be interested in your thoughts and views.

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