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Why are you a coach?

Why are you a coach?  Best-selling author and Executive coach Myles Downey believes all coaches MUST ask themseves this question.  Liz Scott went to meet Myles in London

Why are you a coach?

Why are you a coach?  It’s a simple question and yet it’s often not easy to answer.  Are you a coach because you want to help people?  Are you a coach because you want to help yourself?  Maybe you want to make a difference in the world, or you see yourself as able to impart some expertise.  We all go in to coaching for different reasons, but have we ever explored that reason?

Using supervision

Supervision is often the backbone of any coaching practice.  It enables the coach to explore and develop themselves and their skills.  However, how many coaches have actually used supervision to explore the reason they went into coaching in the first place?  Do you think it’s necessary to even ask that question?

It’s vital to ask the question, ‘Why am I a coach?’

Myles Downey, the best-selling author of “Effective Coaching” thinks all coaches need to ask themselves the question, ‘why am I a coach?’  He believes that excellence in coaching is only achieved after you’ve answered this question about yourself.  The danger, he says, is that if you never ask yourself this question then you are likely to be fulfilling your own needs rather than the client’s. 


Do you think it can be a destructive dynamic if you’ve never considered why you’ve gone into coaching in the first place?  What lengths would you go to explore this question?

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