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Big Bike Ride training

With just 10 days left until we embark on our 1500 mile bike ride the nerves are starting to set in.  We're cycling across the UK (Devon to Edinburgh and back) and meeting with coaches, authors and trainers along the way.  Take a look at some of the fabulous people we’re planning to meet along the way.

Planning is key

Planning takes place on many levels.  There are the obvious bits of planning; like mapping the route and training.  Then there are the less obvious ones; like planning the mind.  For many people 1500 miles seems like a near impossible distance on a bike.  However if you know in your head that it’s achievable, your biggest battle has been won.

Previous adventures

Stu (my husband) and I have been on a few cycling adventures in our time.  We’ve cycled Lands End to John O'Groats, Roscoff to Sandtander and across Ireland and Wales.  I remember the first time I cycled 60 miles in one day.  I had been scared that I couldn't do it and I was amazed when I'd done it.  Once you pass a psychological hurdle like that you never have to do it again. You always then ‘know’ it's possible to do which is of course a huge boost.

The training

This Sunday we set out on a 30 mile bike ride for our training.  Here’s a map of where we went.  We also took the camera to practise with as we’ll be posting video clips along the way.  Our blog will be pretty much a daily update. Here’s a short clip from Noss Mayo


Who are we meeting

We are meeting a variety of people, some from Twitter and some from the coaching/business world.  Here’s a run down

  • Julie Hewson (Director of the Iron Mill Institute)
  • Sir John Whitmore (TBC)
  • Myles Downey (author of ‘Effective Coaching’)  
  • Nick Williams (author of ‘The Work you were Born to Do’)
  • Nancy Kline (author of ‘Time to Think’)
  • Heather Townsend ( on Twitter)
  • Meredith Belbin (the creator of the Belbin team roles system)
  • Jonathan Senior ( on Twitter)
  • Jackie Cameron, Margaret Middlemiss and Joanne Hannah ( on Twitter)
  • Andrew Scott ( on Twitter)
  • Paul McGee (author of SUMO “Shut up and Move on”)
  • Rhys Jones ( on Twitter)
  • Geoff Burch (author of ‘Go it Alone’)
  • Michael Carroll (supervisor trainer and author)
  • Curly Martin (author of ‘The Life Coaching Handbook’)

We hope you'll be able to join the blog daily, to keep tabs on how we're getting along.



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