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Coaching and meaning

Should coaches†be responsible for helping clients find meaning and purpose in their lives? Liz Scott went to meet Sir John Whitmore who explained this vital role for coaches.

How do you evaluate coaching success?††Many business and executive clients measure success by an increase in the bottom line.† There is a belief that more money will lead to fulfilment.

More money + more things = more happiness.

However, clients often find a return on their investment that they weren't expecting.† When the coaching helps them to†look inwards rather than outwards - that's when they can really find meaning in their lives.

Coaching around values

Thereís nothing wrong with working on areas in a clientís life that generate financial wealth. However there†will be a time when a client starts to realise happiness isnít generated by accumulating money. This is where a coach can really give support by helping a client discover meaning and purpose.

Many coaches will help clients explore meaning and purpose by working on their values. Values can really help clients to start focussing internally rather than externally. There are some really useful techniques you can use in our section on values if youíd like more information.

Coaching is ideal

works all over the world as a coach. He is a keynote speaker and best-selling author (Coaching for Performance). Heís only too aware that clients need to find fulfilment beyond the material. He recounts the story of one banker, who found real meaning in his life after leaving his job and becoming a full time gardener. Sir John believes itís the role of a coach to work in this area with clients.

Coaching around meaning and purpose

What are your thoughts about working with clients around purpose and meaning? Is it something you find more people are interested in during these uncertain economic times? Iíd really love to hear how you help clients uncover true meaning in their life.

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