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Coaching Connect the online community for life coaches
Sir John Whitmore - the recession and coaching

The recession is a GOOD time for coaching, according to Sir John Whitmore.  Sir John is well known for his international best-seller, "Coaching for Performance".  He believes coaches need to 'get out there' to provide support during these uncertain times.  Liz Scott from Coaching Connect went to meet him in London.

Coaching and the recession

Is the recession a good or bad time for coaches?  I decided to ask this question of one of the most highly respected international coaches.  Honoured with the President's Award by ICF, rated as the Number One Business Coach by the Independent newspaper, Sir John Whitmore is one of the leading figures in the international coaching community with activities and operations globally.

Feeling the pinch of recession

Many coaches report feeling the pinch during the recession.  Coaches in public service organisations are noticing a tightening of budgets.  However, despite this backdrop, Sir John Whitmore believes people need coaching more than ever.  He says that when people feel uncertainty, that’s when they need coaching.  He believes the recession offers many opportunities.   

Getting known

Coaches need to be more active than ever seeking out clients.  Sir John believes that we (as coaches) need to be overt about what we’re doing and to make sure others know what we do.  He says that potential clients need help during these uncertain times. 

What are you doing?

What do you notice during the recession?  Are times better or worse for coaches in your opinion?  What are you doing to get your name out?  What success stories do you have?  I’d love to know your thoughts.

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