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Gerard O'Donovan - the future of coaching

Has the coaching bubble burst?  Is the coaching profession, which has been booming in recent years, about to hit the buffers? Liz Scott went to meet up with the CEO of a coaching training company, Gerard O’Donovan, to find out more.

The coaching boom

Coaching is a relatively new phenomenon. Twenty years ago, if you’d mentioned coaching, people would have assumed you were talking about sports coaching. How things have changed.  In the past ten years (in the UK) coaching has gone from relative obscurity to a burgeoning profession.  Every year hundreds of coaches are spewed out from coaching training courses.  Surely must come a time soon when the supply of coaches outstrips the demand for coaching.  In fact have we reached it now?

Coaching for everyone

In recent years the coaching profession has gone from strength to strength.  Coaching, which originally mutated from sports coaching to business coaching has now taken hold across the board.  If you mention an area of life you’ll probably find a coaching niche that supports it.  Whether it’s your relationship, marketing, weight, writing, fitness, fashion – you name it – you’re bound to find a coach who can help.  It seems as though coaches are everywhere – but can this level of coaching be sustained?

Has coaching run out of steam?

The question I wanted to ask Gerard O’Donovan was whether coaching has now reached its natural plateau.  He trains coaches all over the world through his coaching company 'Noble Manhattan' and he has his finger on the pulse of coaching. When I asked him whether coaching had run out of steam, he was unequivocal in his response.


Is coaching still booming?

Do you agree with Gerard O’Donovan – is coaching really booming?  Is it going to continue to grow and develop?  Do you think there are too many coaches on the market or do you think there’s room for more?

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