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Meredith Belbin - do managers manage?

Are todayís managers really managing? Dr Meredith Belbin believes there are significant areas of their role which theyíre failing to fulfil. Coaching Connectís Liz Scott, went to meet him in Cambridge.

Belbin and Managers

The Belbin team role system is widely used to help develop and support teams in organisations. It was devised by Dr Meredith Belbin in the 1970ís and itís used all over the world to great acclaim. However itís not just teams that heís interested in. Meredith Belbin is now turning his attention to managers. He doesnít believe theyíre fulfilling their basic role.

Do managers manage?

Meredith Belbin says the first question to ask is, ĎDo managers manage?í Managers are often very accomplished when it comes to the areas covered through MBAís. However what about one of their crucial roles? What about creating jobs and appointing people? Dr Belbin says this is an area that is essential for managers.† However, it has been absorbed as an HR function, which Meredith Belbin thinks is wrong.

The demise of HR

In the recession many HR roles are being shed in an effort to save money. Itís likely that as this happens managers will have to take up more responsibilities. Dr Belbin says this isnít necessarily a bad thing as managers will have to take up some tasks that in recent years theyíve been avoiding.

The role of managers

Iíd be interested to hear the views of those of you in HR. As a coach Iím curious to hear other view points. Do you agree with Meredith Belbin around the role of the manager?

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Visit the Belbin website

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