Liz Scott and Stuart NewberryWe, Liz Scott and Stuart Newberry, created Coaching Connect to support coaches in search of their authentic voice. For us coaching is about connecting to our deeper wisdom and purpose. In doing so we are of best service to our clients. We are inspired by the generosity and the energy of the coaching community.

We realise through collaboration, contribution and community we (as coaches) can make a positive difference in the world. We celebrate and acknowledge the work, energy and impact of coaches and coaching. This is what Coaching Connect is all about.

“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.”

Syd Banks

Wellbeing Podcast

Liz Scott and Dr. Rani Bora share a fresh perspective on mental health, wellbeing, and psychology of the mind. They share a message of hope that wellbeing and resilience are innate and explores the implications of a simple but profound understanding called The Three...

05 CCRYM The Mental Health Crisis

Are we facing a humanitarian crisis around mental health and young people? How can we best support our young people who are seemingly drowning in anxiety and stress? Jamie Smart, is a Sunday Times Best-Selling author and international facilitator and coach - says...

04 CC RYM – Gangs and violence

Is there a spiralling problem of violence amongst young people? Is gang 'warfare' out of control in young people? Robin Lockhart, the Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, sees that the perception of violence (often generated by news stories) is exacerbating the problem by...

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