When the going gets tough

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When the going gets tough

The other day I was fuming.The day had started with me feeling grumpy. It was an early alarm, I hadn’t slept well and a long car journey lay ahead of me. I gave monosyllabic answers to my husband and headed out of the door wishing I could have another hour of sleep.

The day’s training felt very mediocre. Usually I feel energised after being with a group. But these participants all had an exam the next day and their heads were worrying about that, rather than listening to me.

As I cursed in the car on the way home I remembered the email blog I’d just sent (about the swallows and the inner flight of joy) and I felt a fraud and humbug. How could I be so inspired and touched by the spirit one day and then so down in the dumps the next.

When I arrived back home I growled at my husband and marched out of the door determined to get some fresh air. Even the dog (who decided he wanted to stop and sniff at everything) seemed to be trying to irritate me.

Nothing in my world seemed right or fair. I was hopeless at my job, I was a hypocrite and I was rubbish at communicating. I wanted to curl up, in a dark room, lock the door and never talk to anyone else again.

As I look back on this I laugh. What a drama! What a crisis! It seemed so real and so draining at the time, however it never lasts. I should know better by now, but I get caught out every time. In the moment of a thought storm it feels so real.

I’m not sure exactly what happened or when it happened. However at some point the mists of misery lifted and a shaft of light penetrated my gloom. When this happened a stillness descended within like a new dawn.

The Three Principles is not a way of ensuring happiness. It is just an explanation of what it is to be human. I still get frustrated and angry and I still look on the outside to find someone or something to blame. However, when the rain clouds pass and the sun shines through I reconnect back in touch with that ever present spiritual essence. It is this reassuring flow of wisdom that is a constant in my life.

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