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NB please email  jacquicornish74@gmail.com if you are interested in this training

Would you like to gain a deeper sense of your own resilience and wellbeing so that you can support others to connect with theirs?

Would you like to support others to feel more connected to themselves, their lives and their work and have more meaningful relationships with the people around them?

Would you like to be involved in a pioneering programme that focuses on mental health and the promotion of self-care and wellbeing in our South West communities

We are looking for Wellbeing Ambassadors. These are people that are inspired to reach out and support others and to help people get back in touch with who they truly are.

Would you like to become a Wellbeing Ambassador?

If you’re interested in becoming a Wellbeing Ambassador then you might be eligible for some sponsored training –  which means that for you it would be around £40 – £50.

This will be high quality training (usually costing around £500 per person) with experts in the field of education and health.

What are ‘Wellbeing Ambassadors’?

Wellbeing Ambassadors are ordinary people who are keen to reach out to fellow colleagues, friends and/or students to provide a safe, secure listening space.

Wellbeing Ambassadors are distinct from some other commonly found wellbeing practitioners in that they have a specific understanding of wellbeing that requires no tools or techniques, thus making it easily accessible to anyone with the openness to learn.

The simplicity of this wellbeing approach, once understood, enables people to naturally listen and support others so that they in turn can understand this for themselves.

You will be part of a small pioneering team of Wellbeing Ambassadors working across different sectors in the South West.

Your role is preventative.  You will be engaging in the simple act of listening deeply to another person. This human-to-human and soul-to-soul contact has the power to prevent others from spiralling into mental health issues. This is an ideal role if you are drawn to the providing a supportive, safe space for others.

If you are inspired by the resilience and resourcefulness of the human spirit and if you are happy to be available to your friends and colleagues then this role of Wellbeing Ambassador is for you.

What does the role involve?

Listening is at the heart of the role of a Wellbeing Ambassador. As a Wellbeing Ambassador you will develop a unique ability to listen beyond the fears, anxiety and stories that paralyse people – you will listen out for the resilient, resourceful core of wellbeing that is at the heart of everyone.

A Wellbeing Ambassador understands that s/he is in touch with a powerhouse of resilience and can then easily point this resilience out to the person they are with.

This is an asset-based/strengths-based way of working, that promotes self-reliance and self-responsibility.

As a Wellbeing Ambassador you will experience the joy of seeing someone connect with their own innate wellbeing. You will celebrate and acknowledge the deep well of resourcefulness within people. You will see people flourish and grow (as you flourish and grow).

What are the benefits?

There are real benefits to engaging in the role of a Wellbeing Ambassador. For starters you’ll join a supportive group of like-minded people who love to collaborate, share and engage with others.

Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced interpersonal skills: You’ll find your listening will deepen with a natural curiosity that will enable you to navigate conversations and meetings with ease and result in improved relationships both personally and professionally.
  • Professional development and career development: This CPD (Continuous Professional Development) will provide a great opportunity to develop a deeper awareness of yourself and others. You’ll be able to tap into the creative energy of colleagues to help find solutions and answers. A wonderful opportunity to enhance your leadership skills
  • Personal resilience: The training will ground you in your own personal resilience and connect you to a deep well of resourcefulness.

There are limited places on the Wellbeing Ambassador training course. Here’s how it works:

  • You need to be over the age of 16 and available to complete the full two days – this will be in Devon
  • This is sponsored training – it will cost £40-£50  per person (to cover admin and venue costs)
  • Your employer/school/college will need to support you in becoming a Wellbeing Ambassador
  • You will need to fill out a simple questionnaire (and also a short chat/interview) to secure a space.
  • You will be willing to join in with a forum, webinars, discussions and coaching over a 3-month period to share and support other Wellbeing Ambassadors.

If you would like to experience this high-quality training (usually delivered to leaders/executives and coaches) AND if you’d like to be part of a pioneering group who are starting in the role of Wellbeing Ambassadors then contact Jacqui by email jacquicornish74@gmail.com

You’ll receive a simple form to fill in and we’ll let you know (In August) if you’ve been successful for the training.

Groups are usually between 12-25 people in total.

Next dates are for Ivybridge (near Plymouth) on 9th and 10th Feb.

Further training is being planned across the SW so please register your interest

Trainers and facilitators:

  • Liz Scott and Stuart Newberry: Liz (a former BBC reporter) and Stuart (a former Detective Superintendent) currently work with leaders in education sharing coaching for wellbeing.
  • Clare Tanner: Clare is a leadership and strategy expert with over 20 years experience in leading, advising and coaching individuals, teams and organisations
  • Ann Buckingham: Ann is a coach and former headteacher. She works with people to develop wellbeing and balance in their lives.
  • Dr Rani Bora: A holistic psychiatrist, a qualified physician, wellness coach, author, and speaker. Rani has worked in the field of mental health and psychiatry for over 17 years.



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