Touching the profound

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Touching the profound

The ferns are changing colour. I noticed a golden edging to the leaves on my walk today. Soon this will spread until all of Dartmoor hillsides are ablaze with orange.  It’s not just the bracken. The trees, heavy with leaves are just starting to tinge; it’s like autumn has sighed its first breath of gold.

There is a shift in the air, the season is changing and I can’t help but feel a fizzle of excitement. Deep within the earth some ancient wisdom is calling. Nature responds and starts preparing for a winter sleep. She seems to know now is the right time to start settling down.

Isn’t it incredible how the seasons shift and change. I love the idea that something deep and elemental is at work; there is a vital intelligence behind the system. When we stop and pause we can really notice this innate energy. All the creatures, plants, mountains, rivers, oceans and forests are part of an intricate web, powered by something intangible.

It’s not just in nature. We all have access to a fundamental wisdom too. This ‘fundamental wisdom’ cannot be seen or explained, it is a deeper ‘knowing’.

I believe it is the same ‘knowing’ that flows through nature and calls her into action.

As a coach (and in my life) it is my internal (rather than external) journey that draws my attention now. When I tune in to this inner wisdom I feel so peaceful and calm. It doesn’t matter where I am or what is happening on the outside.

The Three Principles is proving invaluable on my journey. It points to this deeper innate intelligence that I constantly see evidence of, but can never see in its own right. As my understanding of the 3Ps deepens so my connection with myself, others and this profound wisdom deepens as well.

You don’t ‘do’ the Three Principles any more than nature ‘does’ autumn. They are not a model or technique they are a description of what it is to be human. For some reason, which I don’t fully understand, as I have explored the 3Ps I find myself being touched by the spiritual nature of being human. It is a journey that continues to enrich my experience of life.

When we travelled around the UK on our bikes we interviewed people from the 3P community. We were delighted to meet up and interview Rudi Kennard. He’s the co-found of the Three Principles Movies website, a comprehensive resource for those looking to explore the 3Ps further.

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