Tikun and the Three Principles

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Tikun and the Three Principles

For anyone who is involved in the 3Ps in Britain, then it’s likely you’ve heard about Tikun.  Tikun  is a centre for orthodox Jews in the heart of London. It has also been at the forefront of sharing and disseminating the Three Principles in the UK over the past 8-9 years.

When I first came across the 3Ps and I heard about Tikun I couldn’t understand how or why a centre for orthodox Jews would be spreading the word of the 3Ps.  What on earth has the 3Ps got to do with Judaism?

The Big Bike Ride visits Tikun and the Three Principles

It was a question that made me curious. We (myself and Stu) decided that this would be one of our stops on our Big Bike Ride; we wanted to investigate further. Despite having Buzz in tow, we were welcomed in. As Buzz settled down for a snooze (with the occasional random bark) Stu interviewed Julian Fraser.

Julian Fraser is a 3P practitioner at Tikun. He discovered the 3Ps when a friend from Seattle came to the UK and gave a talk at the centre.  The talk had a profound impact on many in the audience and as a result the Three Principles took root at the Tikun.

Every year there is an international 3P conference hosted by the Innate Health Centre in conjunction with Tikun. Hundreds of participants travel from all over the world to see the speakers.

Is the 3P aligned with religion?

The 3Ps is often described as a spiritual understanding, however, it is not religious. The message is neutral and the 3Ps isn’t aligned with Judaism or in fact any religion. There was something in the message of the 3Ps that resonated with Tikun’s mission. The message of the 3Ps pointed to the innate mental health within all humans.

The Three Principles work at Tikun has extended beyond the Jewish Community, so much so that Tikun has now separated its Three Principles work from the work of Tikun. The idea is to create a clean boundary around Tikun and the new centre which is called; The Innate Health Centre.

The Innate Health Centre

The ‘Innate Health Centre’ is a separate organisation with a mission of taking the 3Ps out into the wider community. Tikun is returning to its roots and providing support, education and guidance to a Jewish audience. What are the 3Ps? You can read more about that here.

You can watch the first part of Julian’s interview with Stu below. Julian Fraser also tells Stu of the personal impact of the 3Ps with him and his health and fitness.


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