The Stillness Within

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The Stillness Within

As I stood on the cliff tops with Buzz, drinking in the view of the Salcombe estuary, I felt full to bursting with gratitude. We had climbed through the dark, muddy woods above South Sands and had emerged on top of the cliffs, with sky, clouds and miles of sweeping sea views all around.

I was on a quiet break in Salcombe. For the first few days it was just me, the dog, a tiny cottage a view of the estuary and silence. I spent time writing, looking out of the window and absorbing the world outside. On the other side of the estuary on the sandy beaches excited dogs would race around; just below my window I noticed the comforting rhythm of the tide marking time.

I love the way my head empties and my soul settles, it was such a treat not to have the distractions of work, emails and chores. There is something so calming about sinking into this deeper wisdom within me. It’s also a great reminder that this space of peace is always available, it is within me all the time.

Back at home, as I sit at my computer writing this I know that I have a long ‘to-do’ list that beckons. Once I take my attention away from that wonderful peace and stillness there is a danger I will rev up my thinking and create a new ‘normal’. This new ‘normal’ will involve juggling thoughts, planning and using my intellect to guide me. If I’m not careful I can convince myself that this busy-thinking space is my baseline ‘normal’. It isn’t. Our natural state of grace is a peaceful stillness, this is our ‘true normal’.

I don’t need to go on a Salcombe retreat to access this wonderful space of peace. It is within me all the time. Sometimes I forget and get caught up in angst and overwhelm. When I ‘catch myself’ in the midst of overwhelm and ‘notice’ my busy thinking it’s comforting to know this space of wisdom lies within and if I allow my thinking to settle I can reconnect once again.

Last year I had a similar retreat at Hope Cove, spending hours watching the sea and contemplating my life and business. I wrote a ‘life/business plan’ on a big piece of flip chart paper. It ended up blank apart from a puddle of words in the middle, words like:

simplicity, allowing, spacious, joyful, peace, spirit, connection, stillness

I looked at this flip chart paper again today and saw I had also scribbled a paragraph about Coaching Connect in green biro on the top left hand corner. This was the business plan for Coaching Connect:

‘Coaching Connect is a place to connect coaches with a greater purpose and spiritual essence of life. It gives coaches permission to point clients towards that which really counts rather than the usual diet of ‘success’, ‘money’ or ‘status’. Let’s lead the world in reconnection with self, others and spirit.’

I wrote that in 2015 and it still feels very relevant for 2016. The words may not be polished but If it resonates with you then this is the continuing direction of travel for Coaching Connect.

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