The Secret – does it work?

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Do you remember ‘The Secret”? Back in 2006 this short film (and then book) was launched and it became a huge talking point. I bought the book and the video in the hope that I too could learn ‘The Secret’.

The concept of ‘The Secret’ is that you first need to ‘ask’ for something then ‘believe’ it will appear and finally be prepared to ‘receive’ it. It’s a concept that has been around for a while in different guises and is also known as ‘The Law of Attraction.’

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something in this concept left me slightly uncomfortable. It seemed as though the universe was like some giant shopping centre, it was there to fulfill our whims and desires. It was a bit like writing to Father Christmas, all we needed to do was to write a list of ‘stuff’ we wanted and wait for Christmas Day.

I tried and failed at implementing The Secret!

When I first came across ‘The Secret’ my focus was on having a baby. I was going through IVF treatment and it seemed like a great opportunity to try out ideas behind ‘The Secret.’

In the film a young boy visualizes a new bike and gets one for his birthday; surely if he could conjure that up then I should be able to conjure up a baby.

The IVF didn’t work. I was left wondering if maybe I was the one at fault, maybe I didn’t ‘ask’ in the right way. Maybe it was because I hadn’t ‘believed’ it enough. Certainly my desire was strong, I tried so hard but ‘The Secret’ just wasn’t working for me.

Why ‘The Secret’ isn’t necessary

In the past I saw ‘The Secret’ as a kind of cosmic wish-list that would materialise if I ‘did’ it right. Now I see things differently. The REAL Secret is to trust in your intuition and wisdom (your spiritual side). This is the starting point. When we start here our wisdom starts to guide us.

If we allow our ego to take over we start grasping at something ‘out there’ to make us happy. On the other hand, if we rely on our wisdom we are able to sense the right steps to take forward. We are drawn in the right direction, there is nothing ‘to do’ we just need to keep listening

The Two Minds

One of the pitfalls of ‘The Secret’ is that I saw it as a way of securing material ‘stuff’ and creature comforts. As soon as I saw my happiness was tied up with ‘things’ (money, having a baby, career, success, a nice house) then I felt a sense of dissatisfaction that my life wasn’t right.

Now I realise that my life is exactly right the way it is. It doesn’t happen all the time, however, there are times when I am acutely present and ‘in the moment’. During these times I well up with gratitude. Life is truly good. These are the moments when life feels real.

Finding our purpose with the deeper mind

If we get transfixed with our busy mind then we are constantly seeking. When we fall back into our deeper mind then we are able to move with the flow of our life purpose, whatever that might be. It is this core of wisdom that guides us; it is so much deeper than our small ego-driven busy minds.

The real ‘secret’ is to start to trust in our intuitive wisdom.


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