The S*** word

by | Nov 1, 2016 | Connecting Coaches | 0 comments

and should you use it?

Do you ever use THAT word with clients? The one beginning with S?

Let me ask you in another way, do you ever talk to your clients about spirituality?

It’s a word that seems to generate many responses; for some it can set off a minefield of negative thought and for others it resonates at a deep level.

It’s incredible that a cluster of letters has such power! Should spirituality be referred to in coaching? Is this the role of the coach?

In my world YES it should be referred to and yes it is the role of the coach to do this.

However – and there is a BIG ‘however’ this needs to be done with respect, rapport and connection. So if the word ‘spirituality’ is going to cloud the connection with the client, find a different way to describe it.

My coaching has shifted its focus. I’m not that interested in digging deeply into the thoughts, beliefs and situations that my client is grappling with. The answers don’t lie in spiralling memories and limiting beliefs. It’s like stirring a stick in an ants’ nest, they’ll just get aggravated.

My role is to point to a dimension that is fresh, a place before these thoughts are created. I want the client to become curious about how they experience life: What is before thought and what does connection really mean?

There is a space that has infinite potential, power and creativity and the word I use to describe this space is ‘spirituality’. However I change my vocabulary to suit my client and I might use ‘God’ or ‘Energy’ or ‘Mind’ or ‘Love’ or I might not give it a word – I just point in that direction.

As the client looks inwards and starts to glimpse at how they are connected to a powerhouse of universal energy then life naturally takes on a new perspective. This is so much more useful than trying to zap limiting beliefs or trying to control thinking.

What’s your take on spirituality and coaching? Is this the role of a coach? I’d love your thoughts.

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