The inner flight of joy

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The inner flight of joy

The second brood of swallow chicks took their first flight outside yesterday. We had seen them practise between garage rafters and then in the morning they took the plunge from garage to garden.

For some time they sat on the garden fence; their fluffy feathers being buffeted by the breeze.Then they were gone. The wind whisked them into the air and they followed their parents upwards.

I tried to imagine what it must be like. One minute all they knew was the safe, quiet, half-lit garage then the next minute they were soaring on the wind of an endless sky.

How liberating to glide and swoop; what spaciousness and freedom they must feel.

There is a freedom like this within us all. It is the feeling we get when we touch the divine, the spirit within. This spiritual essence is always there, it flows through our lives whether we are present to it or not. It’s a bit like the garden outside the garage. It’s always there, but sometimes all we know is the garage!

“Life isn’t happening to us, life is happening from us.” Take a second to read that again. “Life isn’t happening to us, life is happening from us.”

When we see this and truly understand then we too have the chance to soar (like the swallow chicks) with joy and freedom. For us it is a journey within and it is the most exciting and profound journey we can take.

There is a quote I have just read from a book by Adyshanti: The End of Your World. The quote puts this into words (much more eloquently) than I could:

“It’s coming to grips with the fact that the only person who can cause us to suffer, who can cause us to misperceive illusion and separation, who has this much power, is us… This is one of the most important realisations we can make. It’s all an inside job. It’s all something we do to ourselves-mistakenly, unknowingly, and often times unconsciously.”

There is incredible release when this starts to dawn on us from the inside. I describe it as a kind of  internal thawing of rigid beliefs. As they drain away a space of freedom opens up, a weight is lifted and the spiritual wisdom of our true identity arises within us.

The Three Principles has this message of spiritual freedom at its heart. It is something that resonates at our deepest level.

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