Terror and hope

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Reflections on Paris

A walk in the wild winds and driving rain suited me today. As I pushed through the gusts that whipped and ripped at my hood, I was able to focus on taking one step at a time.
The simplicity of this was soothing. It was the day after the Paris terrorist attacks and the airwaves, tv and media were full of fear, shock and sadness. The simple act of walking distracted my thoughts.
In the fierce winds and stinging rain I focussed on keeping upright and moving slowly forward. I pulled my hood tightly around my face to keep out the rain. It was so simple, so methodical and somewhat soothing.
When I returned I felt a numbness. For about an hour I stared at the computer screen not knowing what to write. My waterproofs were dripping dry beside a roaring fire; how could I feel such warmth and contentment on one level and yet bewilderment and sadness on another.
What place has the Three Principles on a day like today? The truth is I don’t know. I can’t tell you about the motives of the perpetrators, I can’t imagine the feelings of the victims or their families.
When I focus on the fear and sadness of this event and the many others that play out in the world (like the refugee crisis, the Syrian conflict, the bombing of passenger planes, the poverty of millions of people) I get lost in my feelings of fear and helplessness. It is all too big and too frightening. I want to close my world down and curl up to protect myself and my loved ones.
However when I tap into love and compassion then I feel a flicker of hope. It might not be a roaring beacon, but the smallest light is all it takes to pierce the gloom. Like the candle that lights up the darkest corner of the room there is a warmth of love that glows from within me. This is the space from which I want to walk through the world.
I will leave you with a Sydney Banks quote:
“Concentrate on yourself. – – – Whatever you are, is all you can give away. That’s very simple. You open your wallet you have a dollar: That’s all you can give away. You open your mind and it’s full of anger, hate and distrust, sadness: That’s all you can give away. But if your mind’s full of love, that’s what you can give.”

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