The space before words

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It’s a grey day here in Dartmouth. I’m here for a couple of nights, enjoying the view across the estuary, feeling a settled calm of peace inside.

There is something refreshingly uncomplicated watching the car ferry manoeuvre across from Kingswear; it is consistent and repetitive, back and forth with its chugging purr.

I’m so high up, looking down on the swooping seagulls, squawking and bad tempered as they scavenge for scraps. Jumbled roof-tops spread out below like a fan towards the water’s edge.

Inside I feel calm and in a settled place, I sense a spaciousness and a rooted connection to ‘what is’. There is no need for words, or explanations – I’m grounded in a deep OK-ness of this present experience. Nothing to work out, nothing to change, nothing to be busy about.

Then my intellect stirs from its slumber and wants to make a story up and put words to this feeling. I notice it search for words and stories to explain what’s going on. I keep watching it, curious. But my intellect is lazy today and it rolls over back to sleep. No words are necessary there is nothing to work out.

My job as a coach is so simple now. My job is to point people back inside themselves. To encourage them to be curious about the true nature of who they are.

When I stand in my own simplicity of understanding I seem able to help awaken the powerful, spiritual simplicity of others.

I’m reminded of the Byron Katie book title, ‘Who are you without your story?’ In this moment, as I gaze on the slate grey waters of the Dart I understand this question and what it points to. I connect with who I am without my story.

Who are you without your stories? Beneath the busy, revved up tangle of thoughts – who are you?

When we gently rest our attention on this space there is no need for stories, ideas or concepts. When we rest our attention on this space we have no need to work things out. It is the space before and beyond words.

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