Slow down and dance with life

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In January I spied my first primrose. It was a drab, cold January day, the kind of day where the world seemed monochrome. Then suddenly I glimpsed a splash of yellow beside a granite wall. With a quickening heart I bent down. Nature was slowly awakening from her winter’s sleep; life was stirring from deep beneath the earth.

We take the changing flow of the seasons for granted. Nature choreographs an intricate dance and at this time of year the dance gets faster as shoots and flowers burst into life. Have you noticed the birds are louder? Have you glimpsed the tiny budding tips of trees and bushes?

Many or us are thirsty, seeking out wonder in our lives today. Maybe we quench this yearning when we spy the first smile of a baby, or laugh at the unsteady gallop of a puppy. Sometimes we stop to wonder at the fire-red skies of a sunset, or the heavy full moon lighting the night.

Nature is like a choir and she is singing around us and within us. We become so used to her sweet music that most of the time we fail to appreciate the cadence and rhythm of her tune.

Go for a walk and wonder at the weather (whatever it is). Feel the warmth of the sun, notice the wetness of the rain and close your eyes to experience the wind on your face.

Look at the tree trunk and wonder at its history, what has it seen? How many people have touched its bark, how many children have climbed its branches, how deep do its roots reach into the soil?

Even the weeds pushing through the pavement cracks are a marvel. How did the seed take root in such an infertile spot? What drives this plant to grow and bloom? Notice the luscious greenery it offers against the grey, tarmac world.

Our minds are often so busy and so full that we don’t see the miracle that surrounds us daily. We are lost in the fog of thinking, impatiently seeking respite from the whirring of our brains. Around us, constantly, Nature offers a reprieve. She tries to entice us to stop and stare at the constant unfolding daily miracle that is in the world both around and within us.

When we fall out of our restless, churning minds we discover a space of wonder and connection. When we stop grinding our thoughts looking for an answer then we awaken to the freedom that lies within.

It’s a blessed relief when we glimpse, just briefly that we are connected to same life-energy that awakens the emerging primroses in the spring hedgerows. We are not spectators to Nature, we are part of the dance.

When we realise that the dance is flowing through us and we don’t have to ‘do’ the dance, then we can relax and sink into the mystery of the deeper knowledge that guides us all.


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