Resilient Young Minds – Nov 2018

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Resilient Young Minds – A revolutionary approach to wellbeing – #NoOneisBroken

How can we best support our young people? In an age where the statistics point to a mental health crisis, we believe there might be a powerful simple answer to support children.

Our conference on November 22nd and 23rd shares a message of hope – that no-one is broken.

This conference will show that young people:

  • Are not broken
  • Do not need to be ‘fixed’
  • Have resilience, resourcefulness and wellbeing inbuilt

This conference will be perfect to you if you would you like to:

  • Make a difference in the lives of young people.
  • Learn about a simple, effective psychological understanding that is starting to gain traction in the world of psychology and psychiatry.
  • Support young people to see their own in-built resilience

This is a one and half day conference. Here are the speakers (please note Jamie Smart and Dr Rani Bora are speaking on day 2)

RESILIENT YOUNG MINDS 22nd – 23rd November


Changing Minds in Challenging Times:

Robin Lockhart is the Commonwealth Youth Work Ambassador working extensively in London exploring ways of working with youth violence and gangs. His talk is called ‘Changing Minds in Challenging Times. Check out this podcast with him as he shares how troubled youngsters need to connect back to their innate health and wellbeing. This 1 min video gives a flavour of his talk


Wellbeing in Schools:

 Liz Scott and Stu Newberry are wellbeing coaches working with leaders and teams in education. Liz and Stu have trained hundreds of teachers and leaders. They believe that health leaders and teachers will lead to a culture change in schools around wellbeing. Check out this podcast where Liz and Stu describe their work. This 60 second video shares the theme behind their talk



Evidence for this Revolutionary Approach:

Elizabeth Lovius pulls no punches as she shares the evidence behind the Inside-Out understanding. Elizabeth is passionate about supporting young people to empower them to find their way in the world.In this podcast Elizabeth explores the evidence behind supporting young people  through the Inside-Out understanding. Elizabeth sums up her conference talk  here.


Beyond the Labels:

Sam Munslow is a parent, educator and coach. She clearly sees the danger of only seeing the child’s ‘label’. When parents and teachers look beyond the label to the whole child, then a different world opens up. When we start to see beyond the narrow confines of what is ‘normal’ then we can connect human to human. You can listen to Sam’s no-nonsense style in this podcast. Check out her 60 second conference talk summary here.


Resolving the Roots of Youth Violence:

Jamie Smart is an international best-selling author and executive coach. He clearly sees that the mental health crisis we are currently facing is rooted in a misunderstanding of how the mind actually works. Jamie has a simple clear message that cuts through to the heart of the issue. In this podcast he powerfully shares his thoughts on the roots of the current mental health crisis. Here’s a 60 second video summarising his talk.


Wellbeing is a  Constant:

Ian Watson is an international speaker and facilitator. He will be joined by his daughter Alicia was diagnosed with an eating disorder 2 years ago. She is now in perfect health – but back then the family experienced a fear-based health system that seemed to exacerbate the problem. Ian knew that Alicia’s wellbeing was a constant and that’s what he pointed to in her.  Ian has a mission to share this message of wellbeing – listen to his interview here.

Rani Bora

No-one is Broken:

Dr Rani Bora is a psychiatrist and wellness coach and she looks beyond the medical diagnosis to the core and essence of each of her patients and clients. Rani had a deep personal realisation a few years ago – she saw that she wan’t broken (and couldn’t be broken). From that she saw that it was the same for her clients and this is her hopeful message. Rani runs the Wellbeing podcast series – check it out here. 

Jacquie Moses

The missing link in working with ‘difficult’ youth:

Jacquie Moses has the ability to connect deeply with young people, regardless of their behaviour and actions. Jacquie understands that beyond the bravado and insecurity – there is a core of love, compassion and hope. As well as working with youth Jacquie spends time with offenders in prisons, helping them to see beyond their fears and beliefs. In this podcast she has a conversation with a former Assistant Chief Constable describing her work.

Grayson Hart

The Obsession with Success:

Grayson Hart is a professional rugby player (London Scottish). Grayson understands the importance of wellbeing for sports professionals and youngsters alike. Athletes and sportswomen and men – often see that their wellbeing is dependent on being selected, on winning and playing well. However Grayson has a different message. He sees that you don’t need to strive or win to experience wellbeing. In this podcast Grayson explores this message further You can see a short snippet of what he plans to talk about in this video

We also look forward to hearing from the students of Ivybridge Community College.

Where is this event being held?

We are supporting a new venue near Ivybridge. It’s on the road between Ivybridge and Bittaford. This is a community initiative (run by The Eddystone Trust) which is aiming to re-purpose this site into business units, artist studios and venues. You’ll recognise it by the big chimney stack! There is a mainline railway line to Ivybridge (1 mile away) and bus services from Totnes, Torquay, Exeter and Plymouth. Totnes train station has a greater selection of trains (10 miles away).

**There is plenty of free parking at the venue**

Totnes (about 10 miles from the venue) is a vibrant community with hotels, B&Bs and eateries. The Turtley Corn Mill has rooms available (3 miles from venue). Contact for recommendations and ideas on accommodation.

Sponsors and Collaborators


Coaching Connect is delighted to be sponsoring this event and collaborating with the Clay Factory in this venture.

Liz and Stu from Coaching Connect work extensively in schools supporting mental health and wellbeing for staff and pupils

The Clay Factory is a space for organisations, charities, artists and businesses to gather, meet and network.



Thanks to for sponsorship. Uplift combines the gift of intimate live events with the power of the internet to reach the world.

We (Liz and Stu from Coaching Connect) couldn’t run this conference without help from these other collaborators/supporters.


The Wisdom and Wellbeing Collective – Uncovering the mental wealth of young people

The Web of Wellbeing – Helping young people see the power of innate wellbeing

World Clarity – Psychological freedom for all




From retreats to webinars to meet-ups. Whatever your budget we’ll have something to whet your appetite

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