Principles-based coaching

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Principles-based coaching

Imagine being on the Atlantic, onboard a tiny boat in the middle of storm; I bet it is terrifying. All that is between you, the wild elements and certain death is a thin shell of fibreglass. In the midst of this tempest your thoughts, fears and doubts seem more powerful than the fragile boat that is being flung and tossed around.

This was the metaphor/image that came to mind last week. It might seem overly-dramatic but it felt like I was being battered and hammered by an onslaught of thoughts. I felt helpless and powerless and at the mercy of life; being drowned by tiredness, work, overwhelm and what seemed like some challenging clients.

However even in the midst of this storm there was a tiny ‘knowing’ inside me that my boat was safe. All I had to do was ride it out and the storm would subside on its own. It took several days for this particular tempest to subside, but it did, as it always does. My boat returned to calm waters and I wondered how on earth I could have ever doubted the stability of my unsinkable vessel.

As a principles-based coach I am always helping my clients to tune in and trust their inner wisdom (their own unsinkable boat). Rather than zap each presenting problem we look at the ‘inside-out’ nature of life. Instead of trying to quieten the storm, we become curious about the power of the thinking that create the storms in the first place. We also focus in on the ‘unsinkable boat’ and inner wisdom and wellbeing.

The Three Principles is ultimately a spiritual-based approach that looks towards the source of our experience of life rather than fixing the consequences of our thinking.

I still have my ‘L’ plates on as a principles-based coach and trainer. I’m still learning and developing but  this is the direction of travel for my coaching.

Would you be interested to join Stu and myself on this journey? On April 16th and 17th Ian Watson is coming to Exeter to talk to coaches about a principles-based approach. Numbers are limited and we have just 3 tickets left  PLEASE BOOK HERE we would love to see you.

Further Principle-Based courses

You might be interested in further 3P courses. Piers Thurston (a speaker at the last Coaching Connect event) is running a webinar series for coaches that are keen to develop a principles-based approach. We’re collaborating with Piers so we’ve been able to negotiate a discount off the early-bird price. It is £175 rather than £195. You can contact Piers for more information here.

The South West of England is becoming a hub of principles-based events, we will help you keep across them in the coming weeks and months. We’re also planning to provide videos and virtual opportunities to support those people who aren’t able to join us in person.

About Liz Scott & Stuart Newberry

Liz Scott & Stu Newberry are Coaching Skills trainers and 3P practitioners. They help develop coaching cultures within schools and organisations. Liz & Stu use their understanding of the 3Ps within their training and are experiencing great successes and results in the organisations they are working in. Download an Introduction to the Three Principles here. Find out more about Liz & Stu at Liz Scott Coaching and Training

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