Presence, being and coaching

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Being and coaching

I was walking at dusk last night when a buzzard glided just above the tree-tops of the lane. My heart always beats faster when I see a buzzard. As it soundlessly disappeared from view I felt the tingle of gratitude and awe at sharing this moment in time.

There’s a majestic, effortless vigour that radiates from these birds. They don’t ‘do’ power and they don’t need to flout their dominance. Their silent mastery of the skies communicates their authority; they ‘are’ power in motion.

This buzzard reminded me of the vast difference between ‘doing’ and ‘being’. There are times I am ‘doing’ life and there are times I am ‘being’. When I am ‘doing’ it feels hard-work, a struggle and relentless. When I am ‘being’ I am in the moment and there is an effortless clarity to life.

Being present is at the heart of my coaching at the moment. When I feel grounded and alongside my client we both have the opportunity to dip our cups into a vast well of spiritual wisdom.

When I over-complicate things or try to convince others of my credentials and expertise I move into a place of ‘doing’ which feels harder.

There is nothing ‘wrong’ with any of this. Wisdom is like oxygen in the air, it is ever present whether we breathe in or we breathe out. As humans sometimes we remember and sometimes we forget.

The Three Principles continues to point me in the direction of wisdom and ‘being’. It reminds me that there is a wonderful and effortless simplicity that constantly supports me. Even when I forget I can then catch myself in the moment (like when I saw the buzzard overhead) and fall back into this space of wisdom.

I would love to hear more about your coaching journeys – what part does wisdom and presence play with you and your coaching?

Principle-based Coaching Training Devon – April

Ian Watson and Coaching Connect are collaborating on an exciting weekend in the spring of 2016. Ian is leading a 2 day event exploring how coaches can integrate a Three Principles approach into their work.

Ian Watson is one of the UK’s most sought after 3P facilitators and educators. He is able to combine his deep grounding in the Three Principles with an engaging, clear presentation style.

Ian works extensively in London so we are delighted that he is coming to the South West to collaborate with Coaching Connect.

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