What if the relentless search for coaching strategies and theories is unnecessary?

What if coaches, therapists and change-workers are innocently over-complicating their work with clients?

Liz Scott, a Leadership Coach and Trainer stopped her search for tools and techniques when she stumbled across a revolutionary new psychological understanding that has transformed the way she coaches. But can something so simple really have such a powerful impact?

In this podcast series, she meets guests from other modalities and theories to test out the ‘Inside-Out’ understanding.

CCIO 004 – Hypnotherapy

How do the Three Principles fit in with hypnotherapy? Are they better than hypnotherapy? In fact - what are the Three Principles? When solution focused hypnotherapist Sally Potter went to a one-day 3P conference she was left with more questions than answers. She was...

CCIO-003 – Psychology

What happens if you are a clinical psychologist and you come across an understanding of that mind that transforms your personal life but also fundamentally challenges with you thought you knew. Dr Lee Adair-Stantiall is fascinated by the Inside-Out understanding, but...

CCIO 002 – The 3Ps – so what!

Inside-out or Outside-in. Does it really matter whether you know the Three Principles or not? For example – if you get hit on the head with a brick it will still hurt, regardless of whether you know the 3Ps or not.

CCIO 001 – Mental Health

Does the Inside-Out understanding really offer a solution to mental health with young people? Ian Watson, a principles-based facilitator, answers questions from teacher Kathy Rablah in this informative...