Piers Thurston – 3Ps in Business

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Piers Thurston – 3Ps in Business and Coaching

Piers Thurston is a principles-based coach and consultant and works extensively with leaders and organisations. So how does he convince hard-nosed business people of the benefits of these psycho-spiritual principles?  In this talk he shares the challenges and successes of doing this.

Piers Thurston (1) – ‘Unlearning tools and techniques’

Piers begins his talk by explaining his background. After completing a law degree he became a consultant and came across coaching and NLP in 2000. It was in 2010 that he first came across the Three Principles. He has since been ‘unlearning’ all the tools and techniques and having very different conversations with his clients.

For a few years he found it difficult to have conversations with others about these spiritual principles, however he soon realised that in sharing the 3Ps he was witnessing extraordinary transformation in others. So he realised this was the right direction for him to travel in.

Piers Thurston (2) – introducing spiritual principles to businesses

In the second part of his talk Piers explains the importance of introducing these spiritual principles in a way that doesn’t alienate business people. He does this by looking at some of the benefits of understanding the 3Ps like, clarity, well being and connection. Piers then points ‘quality of mind’ as the key. When people start to grasp that it is their quality of mind in the moment (rather than external circumstances) that creates their experience and ultimately their behaviour then they have access to new and fresh thinking.

Piers Thurston (3) – accessing ‘quality of mind’ v ‘Thinking’

In the third part of his talk Piers explains how business people often have to ‘unlearn’ what they thought they knew. They often will try to look for tools and techniques to apply. Piers will continue to ‘point’ to the importance of quality of mind as the space where insights, creativity and clarity emerge from. Very few people realise the amount of thinking that runs through their heads during the day. When people become present to their thinking they start to realise that they don’t have to act on or believe it all. If left alone thinking passes through. Piers finishes by explaining an exercise of ‘listening with nothing on your mind’ as a way of helping clients to realise the amount of thinking that can fill their heads.

About Piers Thurston

You can find out more about Piers at PiersThurston.com. Piers is also a Director at Making Change Work has been working in the personal and corporate change arena for 13 years. Prior to that he worked in consumer branding and innovation for some of the world’s leading blue chip companies. Piers has worked with many well know companies including HSBC, Barclays, Tesco, ASDA and Coca Cola. Piers runs a coaching business www.feelhappynow.co.uk

About Liz Scott & Stuart Newberry

Liz Scott & Stu Newberry are Coaching Skills trainers and 3P practitioners. They help develop coaching cultures within schools and organisations. Liz & Stu use their understanding of the 3Ps within their training and are experiencing great successes and results in the organisations they are working in. Download an Introduction to the Three Principles here. Find out more about Liz & Stu at Liz Scott Coaching and Training

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