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Peter Anderson and the 3Ps

Peter Anderson was quite resistant to and suspicious of the Three Principles at first. It all started when his daughter (Jenny Kennard) came across the 3Ps she suddenly transformed from being a painfully shy woman to someone with confidence. It was a transition that at first alarmed Peter. His concern was that Jenny might have become involved with drugs or a cult.

Jenny tried to persuade her dad to go to hear a 3P speaker or facilitator and eventually Peter Anderson caved in and saw Jack Pransky talking. It was at this talk that Peter heard something deeply and this was the start of his own personal exploration of the 3Ps. He describes this journey as ‘coming home’ it was the start of accessing freedom.

Peter Anderson as a headteacher

Peter Anderson has worked as a headteacher for many years (he’s tried to retire several times but keeps being asked to ‘help out’) and he has found his understanding of the Three Principles invaluable. He has shared the 3Ps with children, parents and colleagues.

The children often pick it up incredibly quickly. Rather than try to ‘manipulate thoughts’ (this is often how traditional talking therapies work) Peter has shared with pupils where thought come from. Often he uses a ‘snow globe’ metaphor to describe how thoughts will settle. The children find this really useful.

The Three Principles and happiness

Peter Anderson and LizIt’s useful to realise that the 3Ps is NOT a strategy to be happy. The Three Principles is a description of how we work as human beings. Peter Anderson has found that by understanding this he no longer seeks happiness as a goal. Instead he finds that he accepts the ebb and flow of life; it is in this acceptance that he finds freedom.

Liz Scott met up with Peter Anderson in the summer of 2015 as part of Coaching Connect’s Big Bike Ride across the UK with our labradoodle Buzz. What are the 3Ps? find out more here

You can watch the interview with Peter below. Take a look at the website of Peter Anderson

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