Nurturing Our Childrens Resilience

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The Innate Health and Resilience of Children

Michael Brown asks the following question: ‘What happens when you understand that we live in the feeling of our thinking?’

It might sound strange to say that, but think on it a bit.

If we were to see that we live in the feeling of our thinking and not of our circumstances…. then how would that change the world? What would it be like if parent’s started to see this as true?

In this talk at the Coaching Connect event, “Clear Head – Quiet Mind” Michael Brown reveals that when he understood  that children have innate wellbeing then that has huge implications on how we parent.

Michael shows how it can help us move from reactivity and wanting to ‘fix’ the child to a more listening, sensitive, loving and ultimately respectful approach.

Who is Michael H Brown?

Michael is a father to 4 amazing grown up children, and currently an adoring grandpa and step-dad to 2 beautiful girls.

He has worked in residentail care, housing young homeless in London and running nature-based youth leadership programmes. Currently he is the in-house coach for Attachment Parenting UK. Check out more at

If you would like to hear more from Michael Brown then you can hear an interview with him then.

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