No tools or techniques

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No tools or techniques

If you come from a coaching background then this message from the 3P community (that there are no tools or techniques) can be a tough one to get your head around.

Many traditional coaches invest heavily in CPD, adding various tools to their toolbox. The logic is that the more tools you have then the more likely you will be able to find something to support the client. It could be a technique (like NLP anchoring, or timelines, or time management matrix) or it could be an explanation like with Transactional Analysis or Spiral Dynamics.

With the 3Ps none of these tools have any relevance.

 Free up your mind

When you start to develop as a 3P coach it can feel a bit disconcerting to realise that there are no tools or techniques. Rather than try to figure out which tool is going to help your client, the 3P coach allows his/her mind to still; in that quietness they then are able to access wisdom.

As a 3P coach trust in yourself; it’s still important to build rapport with the client. It’s important to be ‘present’ and to be grounded.

How do you help a client with no tools or techniques?

When you start to help a client understand where their experience is actually coming from (it’s from the inside-out) then a shift occurs. There is nothing in particular that they ‘do’. There is no ‘how to’ technique. When a client starts to get a glimmer of understanding for him/herself then things seem to shift of their own accord.

Astounding results

Natasha Swerdloff is a Three Principles coach and facilitator. She reports astounding results as she has switched from using her traditional coaching style. In this interview with Natasha, Liz Scott explores that transition from traditional coach to 3P coach.  One quote I love from this interview is a piece of advice:


Be quiet and trust that your wisdom will come out


You can see the rest of this interview in the article Life as a 3P coach

About Liz Scott

Liz Scott is a Coaching Skills trainer and 3P practitioner. She helps develop coaching cultures within schools and organisations. Liz uses her understanding of the 3Ps within her training and is experiencing great success and results in the organisations she is working in. Download an introduction to the 3Ps here.  Find out more about Liz at Liz Scott Coaching and Training

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