The illusion of control

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The glacier looked like an artist had brushed a faint water-colour of blue over its shimmering surface. This monolithic, motionless river of ice glinted in the weak, orange light of Icelandic winter sun.

It seemed so peaceful with its hue of blue contrasting against the bright, snow clad mountains. This peacefulness contrasted with its true power. Deep beneath the glacier’s surface it moved imperceptibly, gouging its way through mountains on its slow, destructive journey towards the sea.

For some time I watched, entranced by its spell. The raw, immense energy of nature lay before me and I felt humbled by the depth of its power.

In Iceland you witness soaring waterfalls, miles of green, the crashing oceans and the mystical northern lights. In this country it is so easy to be transported back in time to an earth before civilisation. You can feel the primal, rawness of a land that is still being violently birthed from molten lava, splitting tectonic plates and ancient glaciers.

Here it is laughable to consider we are in control. There is nothing we could do to stop the advancing glacier or prevent the volcanoes from spewing the earth’s innards onto the land.

As I watched the glacier I had a sense of my insignificance; there was something strangely comforting about realising I was just a tiny speck in the cosmos of eternity.

In the freezing Icelandic air I sensed the deep intelligence behind life. You can almost taste this other-worldly energy on the air. This energy is me, it is the glacier, it is the sun, sky and moon.

Thank goodness I am not in control, it’s not ‘on me’ to turn the earth, to command the weather or to force the sun to shine. It’s also not ‘on me’ to govern my mood, or marshal my thoughts or predict my future.

There is something much more vast and unknown that I am part of and is part of me and this is reassuring to know.

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