Mental Health – a message of hope

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Bitter sweet memories – spark a mental health resolve

As I looked out across the grey skies and sea at Falmouth, I became lost in thought. The monochrome, dulled scenery of a December afternoon, suited my reflective mood as I remembered an act of kindness to me, a naive student, some 28 years earlier.

Imagine the scene. I’m 22 years old and very unworldly. My dreams of a career in the media have crashed around my ears. I’ve just failed the interview to get into Falmouth’s college of Broadcast Journalism.

I’m not pushy and back then I was more shy than I cared to admit, however I found myself dialling the number for Falmouth College and getting through to one of the tutors.

Terry Regan took my call. He listened as I squashed the shake out of my voice and pleaded for a second chance. I still remember his calm, gentle presence on the end of the phone as I garbled and rushed out my request.

“Please will you give me another interview, I can do better.”
There was a pause. “Well I’m not sure….”
“Just another interview, one more chance…..”
“I can’t guarantee it,” his voice was reflective, “But let me get back to you.”

Terry’s kindness was to listen to me. He then persuaded the other college tutor to give me another chance and I managed to get through the second interview. His act of kindness led to me completing the post-grad diploma which led to12 years as a BBC broadcast journalist.

I was always touched by Terry’s gentle humanity.

When I heard he committed suicide (a year after leaving college) I felt I’d been punched in the stomach. How, why, what if…? The questions that thousands of other friends and families must ask themselves after a suicide… these were the same unanswered questions I was left with. How could such a kind, gentle man do this? It made no sense.

When I visit Falmouth (like I did today) I am reminded of Terry’s kindness and I am reminded of his death. A mix of gratitude and sadness intermingle with each other.

Today it’s the end of December and the year draws to a close Stu and I are reflecting forward to Coaching Connect 2018. We’re in our camper van, in the Cornish rain and December is drawing to a close. It seems so apt with Terry’s spirit so strong in my mind, that in 2018 we will explore mental health.

With mental illness, anxiety and stress as the headline-grabbers, we want to point people to a fresh new understanding that focusses on mental HEALTH rather than illness.

We want to help people see that we are pointing to something that is different to conventional psychological approaches. Traditional psychological ideas advocate you need to build resilience, manage thoughts or battle anxiety.

You don’t!

We’re pointing to something refreshingly different. Resilience and wellbeing are built into the psychological system. It’s part of the design. We might overlook it, or forget, but it’s always there.

When people experience emotional trauma, then I want them to KNOW that they are deeply OK at the core of their being. When someone feels as though life is too bleak to continue, I want them to remember to look inside to their unshakeable, unbreakable spiritual core and to remember their true nature.

This is the message we will be sharing in 2018 – I will be doing this with Terry at the forefront of my mind.

I hope you’re join us.

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