Mary Schiller – PTSD and the 3Ps

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Mary Schiller experienced years of therapy for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after experiencing an abusive relationship. When she came across the Three Principles her whole life changed. Liz Scott met up with Mary in a New York diner to find out about her story.

Mary Schiller and PTSD

Mary Schiller married aged 22 and on the first night of her marriage was sexually assaulted. She stayed married for 7 years and the abusive relationship continued. Mary couldn’t understand how or why it was happening and wondered whether it was her fault. The abuse continued on a daily basis until Mary realised that it was becoming so bad that her life was in danger. When her daughter was 2 years old she left the marriage to rebuild her life.

Mary Schiller experienced PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and went through decades of therapy. Eventually at the age of 52 she happened across a book by Michael Neill The Inside Out Revolution and her whole life started to change.

What was the impact of learning about the Three Principles?

There were two key things that emerged for Mary Schiller. Firstly she realised that her PTSD was not a permanent part of her life. Mary saw that her PTSD was brought about by her habitual thinking rather than the abusive marriage. In other words, now that she was away from her ex husband she was safe – the trauma of the abuse continued due to her thoughts and memories, not by actual events in her current life.

Mary began to see that her PTSD trauma was being induced by her trauma-induced thinking. Up to this point she had given it a lot of attention, when she ceased to give it attention it lost its intensity. Secondly Mary also realised that despite being given lots of mental health labels (like PTSD) she didn’t need to be ‘fixed’. As Mary began to see life different she realised how she had innocently been creating her mental pain and anguish.

Mary also saw the mental pain that her former husband was experiencing and she felt relief at finally understanding why he had behaved as he had. Mary is quick to point out that this is NOT about absolving or excusing the behaviour of her former husband. Instead she said she UNDERSTOOD how he had been caught up in his own painful thinking which had led him to behave as he had.

If you’re reading this and you believe that Mary has excused her former husband’s behaviour then think again. In no way is Mary Schiller condoning the abuse. Instead she realises that she can be free from the mental suffering that had plagued her for decades. Watch the interview below to hear Mary talk about this in her own words.

What next for Mary Schiller?

Mary is keen to share the Three Principles with other women and to show them how they can gain freedom from unnecessary mental anguish over events from the past. She is keen to share that women are not broken and they don’t need to be fixed; they did nothing wrong. She wants to reach out to these women.

You can see my interview with Mary Schiller below.

Further ideas:

If you’ve enjoyed this interview with Mary Schiller you may also enjoy this talk by psychiatrist Dr Rani Bora as she shares the importance of sharing the Three Principles with her patients and clients.

About Mary Schiller

Mary Schiller is an author and coach. She has trained with Michael Neill, Jamie Smart and George Pransky. Her books include The Joy Formula and Mind Yoga. She can also catch up with her daily audio series here

About Liz Scott & Stuart Newberry

Liz Scott & Stu Newberry are Coaching Skills trainers and 3P practitioners. They help develop coaching cultures within schools and organisations. Liz & Stu use their understanding of the 3Ps within their training and are experiencing great successes and results in the organisations they are working in. Download an Introduction to the Three Principles here. Find out more about Liz & Stu at Liz Scott Coaching and Training

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