Marketing for the new coach – Ankush Jain

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First steps for new coaches – Ankush Jain

Ankush Jain is keen to reach out to new coaches.He’s aware that many coaches find it tricky to find clients.

Do you ever look at Facebook and feel helpless that every other coach seems to be successful, but you’re still struggling? Have you ever heard the mantra of developing packages for high-end clients, but failed to make it work?

Ankush Jain now runs a thriving coaching business – but it wasn’t always like that. He is keen to show coaches the reality of developing a sustainable coaching business. In this first video he shares some rather simple ideas to develop credibility and money. For example, rather than hold out for high end clients, why not coach those around you who are willing to pay?

Why not widen your network and go and talk to people so they can get a flavour of what you do as a coach. You can watch Ankush Jain being interviewed below.

Starting out

In this short video Ankush Jain explains how he started as a coach and how things started to take off when he realised he needed to grow his business one client at a time.

The coaching relationship requires trust and confidentiality, so before anyone signs up with you they’ll need to trust you first. This is the bedrock of the coaching relationship.

Ankush Jain describes how he is keen to support coaches make a living from this wonderful business.

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