Julian Fraser and the 3Ps

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Julian Fraser and the 3Ps

I’m going to share a story about a man who came across the 3Ps. The impact of 3Ps has been transformational for him both physically and mentally. When we met him (it was part of the Big Bike Ride) he explained how he has gone from being grumpy to being understanding and from an overweight 20-stone obese man to a 12-stone marathon runner.

Julian Fraser

Julian Fraser

The danger of sharing the story of Julian Fraser (a 3P practitioner at Tikun) is that you might interpret that I am describing some kind of miracle cure. You might think that if you ‘do’ the 3Ps then you too could lose weight and be a nicer person.

The key to the 3Ps is to realise it is a ‘description of human experience’ rather than a tool, model or technique. It seems that when we start to understand the Three Principles we also understand how we experience life and this has an impact on how we see the world.

The transformation of Julian Fraser

When Julian Fraser came across the 3Ps he was struck by something in what he heard. You can find out more about the journey of Tikun and the 3Ps here. At the time he was 20 stone and quite an aggressive and grumpy person. Over time he began to transform.

He noticed that his repetitive negative thinking began to fall away and in its place fresh thinking emerged. He was able to access his inner health and well-being.

One of the consequences of operating from this space of inner health was an improvement in his relationships with people and an improvement in his relationship with food and exercise. Julian is now a 3P practitioner and facilitator.

My hope is that as you listen to Julian Fraser in this interview with Stu Newberry you’ll start to see how the 3Ps can help us to have a very different experience of our lives. Nothing changes and yet everything changes.

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