Invisible to Visible

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When the invisible becomes visible

It was a grey, misty dartmoor day and the air had a sheen of fine drizzle. The grass was thick with what look like a heavy dew and the moist breeze blew across my cheeks.

The hillsides, once flush with green were capped with gold, as the orangey, brown bracken sank back to earth; summer had given way to autumn.

There was no doubt that Nature was once again singing her seasonal lullaby, enchanting the summer’s bounty into retreat.

As I squelched through the peaty mud, I was mulling ideas over in my head, lost in thought and intent on getting back home. When suddenly, in this grey half-light, a mewling buzzard overhead caught my attention. Momentarily I stopped churning my thoughts, paused walking and looked skywards. There were three buzzards in all, wheeling above the trees.

I smiled and then continued walking and as my eyes refocussed on the ground I suddenly caught sight of a spider’s web.

The same misty droplets that clung to my face, were dancing on the web. In the centre a spider kept guard. She was almost invisible against the camouflage of the ferns, but her web was coated with beads of water and it was clear to see. As my eyes adjusted I realised that her web was one of thousands that danced and clung to the gorse and ferns, bobbing in the gentle autumn air.

From being lost in thought I now felt a fizzle of excitement at being let into a secret. Today the spiders wanted to to show off their artistry at weaving their delicate webs and I was their appreciative audience. The usually invisible tapestry of silk was for a brief time being made visible. It was a magnificent display of craftsmanship and I was there to witness it.

These webs serve as a great reminder of the biggest challenge for me as a 3P coach. The challenge is in constantly pointing to the invisible. I point my client’s toward their innate wellbeing, resilience and creativity, but these words are just attempts to describe something that cannot be described. You can’t photograph these qualities, you can’t touch or see them. All you can do is get a sense that they are there.

When my clients stop searching through their thoughts, beliefs and values and ‘fall-out’ of their busy, churning head then they suddenly glimpse the invisible. Sometimes it is just for a few moments, but like the dewy spider webs, once you see the heart of who you are, you can’t unsee it.

When I walk on the moor tomorrow the webs will be invisible again, however I know that they are there. Someday they are crystal clear and other days they are hidden, but either way they never go away. They are always there dancing in the breeze.

It’s the same for us. We might temporarily lose sight of our innate capacity of wisdom and love, but it hasn’t gone anywhere, it just means that it is temporarily hidden. When you understand that at your core you are innately wise, intuitive and peaceful then you touch base with who you truly are and even in the moments it seems invisible to you, a deeper part of you knows that it is still there.

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