Resilient Young Minds

In November 2019 a conference was held to celebrate the resilience of young people. Here are the videos from that conference

Coaching Connect – Inside-Out Podcast

Want to become a guest on a brand new podcast show? If you love exploring the psychology of what makes us tick, and you’re curious about the Three Principles understanding, then this show is for you.

Catastrophic Thinking v Clarity

What is missing when it comes to catastrophic thinking? Stuart Newberry responds to an article by Guardian reporter Chitra Ramaswamy. Rather than focus on her swirl of thinking and worry, Stu points to the diamond of resilience that she’s missed inside herself.

The 3Ps & Global Change

What impact can the 3Ps make on social change … can it make any impact? Erica Lewis and Jane Cockerell join Coaching Connect in a conversation with activism and meaningful world change at the heart of the discussion

About the 3Ps and my life – Liz Scott

How did Liz Scott get through failed fertility treatment? How has a simple psychological understanding completely changed her life and business? What has been her journey with the 3Ps? Liz is interviewed by Debra Simmons as part of the ‘Lovely People’ series

The mental health crisis with young people

There is a crisis with mental health and young people. Self-harm, anxiety and depression are all on the increase. What’s happening? Do we need to build confidence and self-esteem or is there something within? Listen to this webinar to find out more

The Myth of Creativity

John Scott’s short talk at the Coaching Connect event breaks down the myth of creativity and asks ‘What if ‘being creative’ isn’t something a few do, it’s something we all innately are?’

Already Home

Peter Wilson is a coach, business consultant and poet. He asks, ‘What if the restless searching for self-improvement is unnecessary? What if you are already home?’ Peter’s ‘short talk’ has been videoed.

Prague conference

Join Liz and Stu on a week that sees them attending a conference in London on the Monday and then speaking at an international conference on the Friday.

The Zen Lawyer – WalkTalk

Julian Summerhayes was a succesful lawyer when his whole life was turned upside down; he had a bleed on the brain. This emergency health scare was to change his life.

CC ticket refund

Coaching Connect Events - Terms and Conditions Here at Coaching Connect we run great value events for coaches throughout the year. Our events are often sell-out which is a testament to you, our supporters, who come along to see us (Liz and Stu)...

Parenting from the Inside-Out

Ever felt irritated at your children? It’s not them making you feel irritated – you’re doing that to yourself. Join Michael Brown, parenting coach, as he explains parenting from the inside-out

Organisations with a heart

Is it possible for a big business to run with spirituality and people at the centre of what it does AND still turn in a profit? YES it is!

Authentic Voice – wk 12

What’s your life purpose? How can you live a meaningful life? It’s all about finding your authentic voice. I (Liz) met up with Coach and author Ann Skinner to reflect on how we can walk through life with purpose and authenticity.

Wellbeing – it’s an inside job! wk 11

We have an unshakeable, unbreakable psychological core of wellbeing that is with us all the time. Whenever we lose sight of it, it doesn’t go anywhere – we just get caught up in our thoughts. As soon as we drop out of our thoughts we return to that rooted foundation.

What are insights? week 10

Insights are overlooked. Often we try to help others by trying to solve their problems. The most useful thing to do is to point towards insights. Insights are fresh thoughts that come from a creative space. On a simple level you could say...

Wellbeing and mental health

Wellbeing and mental health is at the heart of a talk by Ian Watson. This audio recording from his talk is a perfect overview of how the Three Principles can support people who are in mental distress.

Inside Out wk 6

There is only one we can experience life and that is from the Inside Out. In other words we are the creators of our experience of life.

Who am I? Wk 5

Who am I? It’s a question I was asking as I walked across Dartmoor near South Brent.

What is principles-based coaching?

Principles-based coaching is different from traditional coaching. Liz Scott speaks to Ian Watson (a 3P trainer and facilitator) and Piers Thurston (a seasoned 3P coach and trainer) to understand what it means for coaches making the switch.

Mood swings

Should we try to change thought or allow it to change on its own? Liz Scott explores how thought REALLY works

Week 2 – Owley Gate walk

Nature is a real mirror for life. A walk across Dartmoor can inspire deep reflection. In this week’s walk Liz takes a stroll to one of the gates leading onto Dartmoor. Owley Gate is a couple of miles from Moorhaven. It’s on the lower moor and with a mist coming down on the higher moor, Liz realises this is a good option for this week’s walk

Principles-based coaching – Liz Scott

Principles-based coaching was a game-changer for Liz Scott. When she understood the impact of the Three Principles she knew her coaching would never be the same. The transition wan’t instant and it had its challenges. Here’s Liz’s story.

Mary Schiller – PTSD and the 3Ps

Mary Schiller experienced years of therapy for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after experiencing an abusive relationship. When she came across the Three Principles her whole life changed. Liz Scott met up with Mary in a New York diner to find out about her story.

Week 1 Dartmoor Walks

What has a Dartmoor walk got to do with spirituality? Liz Scott explores the Dartmoor landscape on the first week of her Dartmoor walks

Elsie Spittle – 3P Coaching

What does a Three Principles coach actually ‘do’? What is it like as you transition from traditional coaching to the Three Principles? Liz Scott visited went to the Three Principles School on Salt Spring Island and met up with Elsie Spittle.

Ann Ross, EFT and 3Ps

Ann Ross is a 3Ps educator working out of the SW of England. At a recent conference she describes her journey and the impact of the Three Principles on her and her work

Ian Watson – intro to Three Principles

Ian Watson: 3P introduction. If you are new the the 3Ps or if you are sharing it as part of your work, then this following presentation by Ian Watson is one of the best and clearest introductions I’ve heard

Ann Ross

Discover how Ann Ross gave up her successful EFT training business after coming across the 3Ps

Brett Chitty

Brett Chitty runs the Three Principles Supermind site and is a 3P facilitator and trainer. Stu Newberry from Coaching Connect interviews him

Peter Anderson

Peter Anderson is a 3P Facilitator and Headteacher. He has used this approach in schools and finds it incredibly useful, especially with children

Jenny Anderson and the 3Ps

Jenny Kennard, along with her husband Rudi are at the forefront of the 3P community in the UK. Liz Scott and Stuart Newberry meet up with Jenny to discover more about her background with the 3PS

Julian Fraser and the 3Ps

Liz Scott explores how the life of Julian Fraser has changed with the 3Ps. You can also view an interview with him and Stu Newberry from Coaching Connect

Tikun and the Three Principles

What has Tikun and the Three Principles got in common? Liz Scott discovers how it all started and Stu Newberry from Coaching Connect talks to Julian Fraser about the history of the 3Ps in the UK

Life as a 3P coach

What is it like to make the transition to a 3P coach? Natasha Swedloff talks to Liz Scott from Coaching Connect

Inner Resilience

Resilience is not about grit and determination. Resilience is about an inner experience of the Truth. Liz Scott explains the simplicity behind inner resilience.

No tools or techniques

There are no tools or techniques for coaches using a 3P approach. The Three Principles is about sharing an understanding rather than trying to ‘fix’ a client. Liz Scott talks to Natasha Swerdloff about her journey to becoming a 3P coach

From NLP to the 3Ps

What is it like shifting from NLP to the 3Ps? Many practitioners from with world of NLP are stumbling across the 3Ps and changing the way they do things. One practitioner shares her story in an interview with Liz Scott

Coaching and the 3Ps

Going through any transition can feel like a lonely path. When coaches start to integrate the 3Ps into their coaching it can at first feel like you are taking steps into the unknown. Liz Scott explains some of the dilemmas coaches can encounter.