Ian Watson – from homeopathy to the 3Ps

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Ian Watson from Homeopathy to the 3Ps

Ian Watson was an expert in the field of homeopathy (as a trainer and author) when he came across the Three Principles. He has since made the transition from being a well known homeopath, to a 3P trainer and facilitator. Ian now has a business called The Insight Space where he delivers facilitation, training and education around the 3Ps. What are the Three Principles? You can find out more here

So how did the transition from homeopathy to 3Ps happen?

Ian Watson loved working in the field of homeopathy, however he was aware of its limitations. The focus for homeopathy was on the physical health of a person and yet many of the patients that came to him were challenged by psychological issues.

Ian Watson was always fascinated in the workings of the mind and how our beliefs can either help or limit us. When he came across the 3Ps he found answers to the questions that had been niggling him.

The transition from homeopathy to the 3Ps was a fairly swift. Ian Watson realised he had found something that could help his clients in a deep, sustainable and meaningful way. It was the missing piece to the puzzle.

Others have also come across that missing puzzle piece – it’s not just with homeopathy. Ann Ross  was practising in a different field (EFT) also made the transition to a 3P approach. Another example is a practitioner moving from NLP to the 3Ps.

What does Ian Watson enjoy about the 3Ps?

Ian Watson loves the way that people can enjoy life again without changing anything on the outside. He loves the way that the 3Ps helps clients to understand how they create their experience of the world.

When clients have insights then their experience of external situations change, without the situation itself changing. Ian Watson loved the universal nature of the 3Ps; his work is energising for him and his clients.

In this interview Stuart Newberry discovers how Ian Watson gives clients a fresh perspective of life through the 3Ps


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