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A journey into the heart of wisdom

Hello and welcome to this handy post pointing you to books, articles, videos and audios that are all based on an inside-out (3P) approach to life. In this article we’ll cover a variety of resources around coaching, self-understanding, wellbeing and education. Pick and choose what appeals to you. We’ll start with self-understanding


Self-Understanding is a term that we at Coaching Connect (and Liz Scott Coaching and Training) use to describe the inside-out nature of life.

We are brought up to believe that external situations can make us feel a certain way. For example you might believe the traffic makes you feel frustrated or your spouse makes you feel happy. If you see the outside world as the generator of your feelings then this is called an ‘outside-in’ view of the world. This is the opposite of  how we share self-understanding. Self-understanding points to an inside-out way of working.

An inside-out approach shows that we generate all our psychological experiences internally. In other words there is nothing we can experience without thought being involved. Self-understanding describes how we generate our experience from the inside-out.

Self-Understanding was inspired by the work of Sydney Banks and the Three Principles. You can find out more about the Three Principles here. As you carry on reading this post you will see that we use the term 3Ps (Three Principles), Self-Understanding and Inside-Out, interchangeably.

The philosophy at the heart of the self-understanding approach is that we all have access to innovative and clear thinking – the only thing that gets in the way is old repetitive thinking patterns that we misinterpret. When we get in touch with clear thinking we are able to respond intuitively to people and situations that in the past we would struggle with or worry over.  Read more about self-understanding here

If you are curious about the Three Principles and its history then take a look at this conference talk by Ian Watson (it is split into 3 videos) where he shares the history of the 3Ps and why it is so relevant for coaches

In the next section we explore the link between self-understanding and coaching.


When talk about coaching we’re referring to a very simple approach. Traditional coaching models advocate the use of tools, techniques and the skills of the coach. Coaching for self-understanding describes a different approach. In this approach we’re pointing to the incredible capacity and creative potential that resides within human-beings.

Other coaching models are additive. In other words you, as the coach need to remember different concepts and ideas – they are ‘adding’ to your body of knowledge.

Coaching for self-understanding is ‘subtractive’. In other words you don’t need to remember or learn something intellectually, instead you’re reminding yourself about how the human mind actually works (inside-out). This enables you and your coaching clients to get deeply in touch with the wisdom and intuition that lies inside.

Here are two 60 second videos that highlight coaching and what it is and isn’t.

The first video points to the power of connection and rapport in coaching

The second video explains the coaches role when it comes to self-understanding.


Wellbeing is at the heart of the coaching for self-understanding approach. When we see our own innate wellbeing then we naturally point this out in others. Here are a few videos and audios that highlight this approach.

Video Dicken Bettinger: In this first 5 minute video we hear from Dicken Bettinger, a trainer and facilitator,  who describes how our innate wellbeing gets covered over by our thinking. Watch the Dicken Bettinger video here

Audio Ian Watson: In this audio from coach and trainer Ian Watson, we hear how Ian shares the 3Ps with his clients. Before he came across the 3Ps (the Inside-Out approach) he thought it was the coaching tools and techniques that helped his clients.

This is a great illustration of the difference between conventional coaching and the 3Ps (self-understanding) style of coaching. This 30 minute audio was recorded from a talk that Ian gave at a conference.

Video Dr Rani Bora: Dr Rani Bora is a psychiatrist who sees the benefit of focussing on the innate mental health of her patients. In this video (taken from a talk at a conference) she explores certain areas:

  • She questions the statement: “Mental illness is something you live with, it can’t be cured.”
  • She no longer believes you HAVE to go back into a patient’s past in order to ‘heal’ them.
  • She also realises that people with mental health issues have incredible wisdom, her role is point out this existing wisdom

Take a look at this these three 15 minute videos taken from a talk Dr Rani Bora gave on mental health

Audio Dr Rani Bora: This audio from Dr Rani Bora will also explore this whole area of mental health

Mara Gleason: Mara Gleason is an experienced facilitator. She runs conferences across the world under the banner of ‘One Solution’ and supports businesses in developing an Inside-Out approach. In this 25 minute video she talks to a group of youngsters about the ‘super-power’ that they have within. You can watch the video here


If you’re keen to understand how to share this approach within the field of education then the following will be of interest. First let me introduce you to a headteacher (now retired) Peter Anderson. On the home page of his website you can see three case-studies of how he shared self-understanding with children. Take a look at Peter’s website here.  

The following videos will give you a flavour of some of the ways you might share what you’re learning with children. We also recommend you check out the which is a global project highlighting wellbeing in young people

Each of the following videos are around 3-5 mins in length.

How to talk about ‘thought’ using play-doh


Pointing inside to the star of wellbeing


Thought-feelings described via a paper chain

Further resources

The following are further resources and articles you might like to explore.

Can you choose wellbeing over burn-out? by Caroline Brewer: Here’s the first paragraph from Caroline’s article: I was speaking to a manager recently; he mentioned that he had been researching ‘burn-out’ on the internet and believed he ticked most of the symptoms boxes.  His question was whether he should therefore be going to the doctor and seeking help, with the possible outcome being medication… read more here

Books and authors: Here are some of the authors you might like to explore further. Liz Scott has been trained by Jamie Smart and Stu Newberry has been trained by Michael Neill. Both of these trainers are also  best-selling authors.

Jamie Smart has written three books.1. Results; 2. Clarity; 3. The Little Book of Clarity

Michael Neill: The Inside Out Revolution

Jack Pransky: Someone Should have Told us

Chantal Burns: Instant Motivation

Elsie Spittle: Nuggets of Wisdom

Dr Amy Johnson: The Big Book of Little Change

Mara Gleeson: One Thought Changes Everything


The highly popular podcast series is perfect for people who are transitioning or new to the 3Ps. Facilitators and trainers of the Inside-Out understanding (the Three Principles) answer questions about how the 3Ps relates to topics like Criminal Justice, Anxiety, Mental Health and Hypnotherapy. You can listen to the Podcasts here

Check out podcasts about wellbeing with Dr Rani Bora and Liz Scott here. They are just 10 mins in length – so very handy to listen to

TED-length Videos from the Coaching Connect Conference

Here are some short talks from the 2017 Coaching Connect conference – you can also catch up on the post-conference webinars by following this link

We will add and adapt this post regularly so do keep coming back to see the updates and changes.

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