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Education Apprentice programme

The EdAppConnect programme takes the art of coaching to a new level. We want to work with participants that can answer yes to the following:

  • Do you want to inspire and make a meaningful difference in the lives of your clients/colleagues?
  •  Would you like to awaken people to the powerhouse of potential that resides within?
  • Are you ready to start a lifetime journey of nourishing exploration into true transformation (for self and others)?

This is an experiential rather than intellectual programme. We’ve been in the field of coaching for over a decade and we see that the best coaches have an ‘intuitive feel’ for coaching, rather than an academic knowledge base. Our programme has three areas at its core:

  1. How to access resilience and wellbeing through coaching
  2. How to coach with rapport and connection and without the need for tools, techniques and strategies
  3. How to build a coaching business (or to coach within an organisation)

Let me share these areas in more detail.

1. How to access resilience and wellbeing through coaching

The start of any coaching journey begins with you. We will spend time showing you how to access the core of wellbeing that resides within you. As you begin to experience the mental health that already exists you’ll begin to naturally want to point this out to others.

As a coach, you will find your true power is not in what you do or say, but in who you are. In other words, this is  about ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’.  If you are grounded in wellbeing then you will naturally awaken this in others.

2. How to coach with rapport and connection

This programme is based on understanding ‘how’ the human mind works. We call this ‘Self-Understanding’. It is an experiential rather than intellectual coaching programme.

A new field called ‘Subtractive Psychology’ inspires us. ‘Subtractive Psychology’ doesn’t ‘add’ more to the mind (in other words tools or techniques to remember) instead it reduces (subtracts) what you and the client need to remember. This subtraction process leads to clarity and a settled mind.

We find that when we coach with clarity and connectedness, then we naturally awaken that in the client. When our client is in touch with clarity then s/he is able to navigate life with ease (regardless of the terrain).

We also show clients that it is perfectly natural to flow with the ups and downs of emotions of life. Rather than try to ‘fix’ or change thoughts or limiting beliefs, we instead help clients gain self-understanding to the rhythm of what it is to be human. Being human is riding with the ebb and flow of life.

3. How to build a coaching business

Our aim is for you to either build a coaching business, or to spread coaching within your organisation. We want to support you as best as we can on this journey. To this end you will get access to:

  • Shadowing us on programmes and events
  • Ideas on building a business, generating an income
  • Proposals, contracts, agreements etc that we share with clients
  • One to one mentoring with the course tutors
  • Sign-posts to contacts within the industry
  • Webinars and the chance to question people who are already working in the field.

The programme consists of the following elements

Live training events: You will have 6 dedicated days with the trainers over the course of 9 months. These will consist of two weekends and two single days.

  • Online modules: These modules will build week on week, providing you with interviews, articles, ideas, videos and materials to develop your learning
  • Lively Facebook group:  We’ll create a closed facebook group which we monitor and contribute to regularly, answering questions and encouraging and supporting you on your journey
  • Mentoring: The course trainers will mentor you on this journey. We provide you with four sessions that will answer any personal/professional questions you might have
  • Shadowing: As and when possible we enable participants to shadow some of the work we are carrying out in education and other organisations
  • Audios: We provide regular audio inputs that are pertinent to the coaching programme
  • Webinars: We will keep in touch with you via webinars which will include guest speakers

Who are Liz Scott and Stu Newberry

Liz and Stu are inspired by understanding how the mind works and of innate wellbeing.  Much of their work is in the area of leadership coaching within the field of education. They are working with several multi-academy trusts and are currently coaching numerous head teachers both in the primary and secondary sector.

Recently they’ve formed part of the steering group of a global project that is dedicated to promoting and spreading the message of wellbeing to children worldwide www.webofwellbeing.org They also speak at conferences about their work (Prague in May 2017and are at the NAHT conference in Feb 2018)

Liz and Stu have run Coaching Connect for nearly 10 years and are dedicated to supporting fellow coaches and collaborating with projects within the community. They run events throughout the year sharing the theme of Subtractive Psychology and bring international speakers to the South West.

Liz has a background in the BBC (she was a reporter for 12 years) and Stu has a background as a senior detective in the police. They are both experienced coaches and are considered leaders in the field of coaching in the South West.

Why Education Apprentice (EdApp) Connect?

Our main focus within our coaching is in the field of education and we encourage our coaches (whilst on the EdApp programme) to share and educate their clients around Self-Understanding. Education is a great word, it means much more to us than just the schooling system. This is a great quote from Muriel Sparks.

The word ‘education’ means…..’ a leading out’. To me education is a leading out of what is already there in the pupil’s soul.”

The ‘Apprentice’ part of our programme is the way we will nurture and support you on the journey (and beyond). We strongly encourage participants to engage in coaching and to develop the foundations of a coaching business that will flourish. For those working in organisations, we will support you in developing projects and programmes to share with colleagues.

Investment & Dates:

The cost of the programme is £3,000 (plus VAT) if booked by 30 November. After this the cost will be £3,300 (plus VAT)

The course will be held in Ivybridge (Devon UK). Course dates for 2018 are:

  • 7th April & 8th April
  • 9th June
  • 14th July
  • 22nd & 23rd September

The training also includes webinars and virtual meet ups. These dates will be published in 2018

Contact Stuart Newberry for discussion and further information stuart.newberry@icloud.com


From retreats to webinars to meet-ups. Whatever your budget we’ll have something to whet your appetite

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