Dartmouth Retreat

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Relationship Retreat

What is the secret of a good relationship? How can you ensure that your relationships thrive?

Many of us assume we need strategies or tools to change ourselves (or our partners/loved ones) – but what if you didn’t need to do this? What if it was much more simple?

During this retreat you’ll start to see the true source of connection and love. You’ll understand how misunderstandings arise and take root. You’ll be able to take a step back from your day to day activities and join us to deepen your understanding of how your mind works.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Help reconnect with your inbuilt wellbeing & resilience
  • Experience life with more ease
  • Relax in a house with the ‘WOW’ factor, with breath-taking views (5 star trip advisor)

Who is this for?

This is perfect for people in relationships. It could be with your partner, a family member or friend

If you’ve already come across the Inside-Out understanding and you’d love your partner to know more, then this will be a great experience.

  • DATE – FRIDAY 12 OCTOBER 2018 7pm start (can arrive from 3pm) – SUNDAY 14 OCTOBER 2018 12.30pm(ish)
  • VENUE – Dartmouth: a house with stunning views www.dartmouthholiday.co.uk
  • FACILITATORS – Wellbeing Coaches 3P — Liz Scott, Ann Buckingham , Stuart Newberry

COST – Retreat, Dinner, Bed & Breakfast at venue— £495 per couple/2 sharing room – Retreat without accommodation – £295 per couple

DETAILS & BOOKINGS – Ann Buckingham – 07815 824 821 – info@dartmouthholiday.co.uk


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