Student Mental Health

Is there a simple answer to gang violence? Is it time to engage with our young people and to listen to them to find the answer? If you want to be part of the solution then please read more

Student Stress

Is there a simple answer to gang violence? Is it time to engage with our young people and to listen to them to find the answer? If you want to be part of the solution then please read more

Answer to gang violence?

Is there a simple answer to gang violence? Is it time to engage with our young people and to listen to them to find the answer? If you want to be part of the solution then please read more

What’s my purpose?

What if the restless search to find your purpose was unnecessary? What if your purpose is staring you right in the face? It’s time to see once and for all what your purpose actually is

Mental weather

The mental weather that can obscure hope is only temporary. Like the mist, moods will descend and lift, they are always changing. They never stay the same.

Awaken the eternal

The snowdrops are a reminder to me of this wonderful quote by John O’Donoghue – “The sacred duty of being an individual is to gradually learn how to live so as to awaken the eternal within you.”

Teenage mental-health

Teenage mental health – the stats are frightening…. but are they actually telling the whole story? At a school conference Liz Scott heard a psychologist and a paediatric neurologist speaking. Maybe there is a simple answer after all

The illusion of control

We are not in control. Forget the pointless exercise of trying to fix you thoughts or moods. When I saw this Icelandic glacier I was reminded that something far greater than I is behind this thing called life!

Slow down and dance with life

What happens when we slow down to the rhythm of life and dance at Nature’s pace – enjoying the ebbs and flows of the seasons as the plants and animals do

Being human is messy

Don’t expect to be happy all the time. It’s just not part of the design of being human. In this article Liz Scott explores the huge spectrum of emotions that accompany the human experience and she shows how ALL emotions are perfectly normal.

Mental Health – a message of hope

In 2018 we’re sharing a fresh new take on mental health. One that puts the spotlight on our inbuilt resilience and wellbeing. A recent visit to Falmouth and memories of a suicide strengthened my resolve to spread this message of hope

Fear of drowning – and the power of trust

We went kayaking the other day. I was rather reluctant. I’d booked a day out on the river Dart as a Christmas present. Back in December when I emailed the kayaking instructor, it had seemed a romantic notion. Me, Stu and the river Dart – what more could we want?

Terrorism – what’s the answer?

Rather than become suffocated by the cycle of fear-mongering news I turn my attention to the compassion and courage of those who helped others at the scene. The countless acts of love as strangers reached out to those in need.

Drunk on a train

I wanted to escape, the last thing I wanted was to start any kind of connection with a wierdo, yet here was Stu extending a hand of friendship with a drunk stranger. My head swirled with ‘what if’ thoughts

The S*** word

Do you ever talk to your clients about spirituality? Is it the role of a coach to do that?

100 days to write a book

I’ve set myself a challenge. To write and publish a book in 100 days. Day one started on 30th October. Every time I think of the challenge I feel a twinge of nervousness – have I bitten off more than I can chew?

Principles-based coaching

Imagine being on the Atlantic, onboard a tiny boat in the middle of storm; I bet it is terrifying. All that is between you, the wild elements and certain death is a thin shell of fibreglass.

The Stillness Within

As I stood on the cliff tops with Buzz, drinking in the view of the Salcombe estuary, I felt full to bursting with gratitude.

Intuition, wisdom and drowning

I love watching the canoeists on the Erme there is something hypnotising about their concentration and skill as they manoeuvre down a fast flowing river. However the other day I had a shock when I saw a kayaker struggle in the water.

The human connection

Being a trainer is a real privilege and it’s when I become incredibly present to the Three Principles in action. I notice when I feel angry, happy, excited, frustrated and all the other range of emotions that we are blessed to experience as humans. I might temporarily get pulled off track from my centre, but when I notice I can refocus.

When the going gets tough

The other day I was fuming.The day had started with me feeling grumpy. It was an early alarm, I hadn’t slept well and a long car journey lay ahead of me. I gave monosyllabic answers to my husband and headed out of the door wishing I could have another hour of sleep.

Touching the profound

The ferns are changing colour. I noticed a golden edging to the leaves on my walk today. Soon this will spread until all of Dartmoor hillsides are ablaze with orange

The expert’s mask

How important are the tools and techniques of coaching? It’s a question that I’ve been mulling over recently.

The inner flight of joy

The second brood of swallow chicks took their first flight outside yesterday. We had seen them practise between garage rafters and then in the morning they took the plunge from garage to garden.

Presence, being and coaching

I was walking at dusk last night when a buzzard glided just above the tree-tops of the lane. My heart always beats faster when I see a buzzard. As it soundlessly disappeared from view I felt the tingle of gratitude and awe at sharing this moment in time.

Being alive to living

I love walking through the woods. Buzz (the labradoodle) gallops through the leaves trying to catch squirrels; a never ending whirlwind of energy on a fruitless mission.

Terror and hope

A walk in the wild winds and driving rain suited me today. As I pushed through the gusts that whipped and ripped at my hood, I was able to focus on taking one step at a time.

The compass of life

What has the Three Principles got to do with a compass? Let me explain by sharing two things I love. The first is the National Park of Dartmoor and the second is my love of the 3Ps.

How to live simply

There is a wonderful simplicity to life, just watch the swallows. Liz Scott shares how the swallows can inspire a simple life

The Secret – does it work?

Do you remember ‘The Secret”? Back in 2006 this short film (and then book) was launched and it became a huge talking point. I bought the book and the video in the hope that I too could learn ‘The Secret’. The concept of ‘The Secret’ is that you first need to ‘ask’ for...