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Conference information from the speakers.

Elizabeth Lovius:

Anke Herrmann

Check out Anke’s website and blogs here

Peter Wilson

Peter recited a beautiful poem – check it out below. You can enjoy more of Peter’s work on his website and blog here

Divinity waits for you

Hey! Whisper it quietly:
you are already whole;
you already have
what you need
to live your one true life
for divinity
is waiting for you
in your heart.

Think of a moment when
all was well
and you had nothing but
peace within,
nothing but –
Had anything really happened?
Or did you simply
that you are well?

There is nowhere you have to go
nowhere you have to be.
The vast savannah of wellness
is already within.

Sure, you have
this problem
and you have
that challenge
but you are the one
that is before
all of those things.
Look kindly,
look softly,
look expectantly
with the eyes of a child,
Look in that direction.

Jane Cockerell

Jane talked about her dream of drawing together coaches and practitioners who are interested in collaborating:

  • Start at the Top is a social enterprise looking to gather together 100 coaches to impact 1000 leaders. Register your interest

Debra Simmons

Find out more about Debra and her work at

Erica Lewis

Erica Lewis’s website is called

Terri Broughton

If you’d like to connect with Terri, then the best way is via email

John Scott

John shared the animation of ‘Curious’ – this little creature is breaking language barriers across the world. Check out John’s work at

Free Jamie Smart audio

Best-selling author and international trainer, Jamie Smart, created this audio on resilience for the attendees of the Coaching Connect Conference. Listen to the audio here

Liz Scott

If you would like a 28 day audio series delivered to your inbox (called Recharge on the Run) then register here

About Liz Scott & Stuart Newberry

Liz Scott & Stu Newberry are Coaching Skills trainers and 3P practitioners. They help develop coaching cultures within schools and organisations. Liz & Stu use their understanding of the 3Ps within their training and are experiencing great successes and results in the organisations they are working in. Download an Introduction to the Three Principles here.

Want to de-stress in just 28 days? Recharge on the Run is a FREE audio series (delivered to your inbox daily) that will help you discover your inner peace of mind. Find out more about Liz & Stu at Liz Scott Coaching and Training


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