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We’re travelling home on the train. Buzz (the labradoodle) is curled up under the table as we whizz through the undulating, lush green landscape of Dorset towards Devon. I watch the fading summer evening and feel a sense excitement at what lies ahead in life.

As dusk beckons I feel a glimmer of anticipation. An old paradigm of psychology is coming to a close and a new psychological dawn is awakening.

I’ve been on an incredible journey over the past few years. Whilst my external world is the same, my internal life has transformed. The relentless busy pace of self-improvement, striving and effort has faded. In its place is a foundation of intense connected peace.

I still lurch into the electrifying emotions of fear, anger or insecurity but now know that they are temporary and won’t last. There is huge freedom in not being scared of thoughts and emotions.

I feel blessed to be here at the beginning of a new age of psychology; one that embraces both human-ness and spirituality. It is a psychology that doesn’t look to fix or change. It is a psychology that doesn’t seek tools or strategies. It’s a psychology that ultimately sees the innate health, resilience and oneness within. This new psychology has now found its name – it is ‘Subtractive Psychology.’

If you google ‘Subtractive Psychology’ you won’t find anything yet. It’s in its infancy. It is the umbrella term that will bring together the varying strands of work ‘Three Principles’ and ‘Inside-Out’ community. This new psychology was inspired by the work of the late Sydney Banks and it points to the spiritual core of who we truly are.

So what is Subtractive Psychology? It’s a term (coined by Jamie Smart) to bring together the varying strands of the work in the Principles-based community. Pete Bryceland (a fellow participant on the Clarity course), summed it up well:

“It’s a ruthlessly subtractive set of principles that strips away the misunderstandings about where our human experience comes from. It is a model of understanding which negates the need for techniques, best guesses and rules of thumb. It’s deeply spiritual in nature and points us to the innate qualities all human beings possess.”

“In a world where we are constantly pointed to the outside for the answers, for our happiness, for the reasons we feel the way we feel there is a new kid on the block pointing us within, to the only place we can find our true selves.”

I have a sense that the world is starting to wake up and to realise that we don’t need to be afraid of our thoughts and emotions. Fear, joy, anger, insecurity and gratitude are just some of the varying ‘flavours’ of emotions on offer. They provide the nuanced, rich context of what it is to be human.

Syd Banks said:
“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.”

When we cease labelling ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ and when we stop chasing ‘good’ emotions and battling ‘bad’ emotions – then in this space we experience true freedom. What would the world be like if we no longer feared our emotions and thoughts?

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Liz Scott & Stu Newberry are Coaching Skills trainers and 3P practitioners. They help develop coaching cultures within schools and organisations. Liz & Stu use their understanding of the 3Ps within their training and are experiencing great successes and results in the organisations they are working in. Download an Introduction to the Three Principles here.

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