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What place does spirituality have in coaching?

For many years I didn’t think spirituality had much of a place in the world of coaching. In my desire to be seen as a professional and proficient coach I rarely talked about spirituality to my clients. For me it had the ring of pink and fluffy.  In my mind, coaches that talked about spirituality also were vegan, had open toe sandals and decorated their rooms with crystals and incense. Spirituality had no place in the world of coaching and business.

However my exploration into the Three Principles ( What are the Three Principles) is changing all of this.  I am beginning to see that spirituality is actually at the heart of our human experience, rather than on the outskirts.  It is not something to be pigeon-holed away, it is something to  be opened up and explored.

What is really important?

Recently I spent a week at Hope Cove in Devon.  I was staying at ‘Inner Hope’ (yes there is actually a place called ‘Inner Hope!’) It was a mini retreat of walking, reflecting and writing.  I started to write out a traditional ‘business plan’ for Coaching Connect but soon realised that my heart wasn’t leading me in this direction.

Instead of a business plan, at the centre of the flip chart paper I wrote words like

  • allowing
  • simplicity
  • peace
  • stillness
  • connection

As my mind quietened down I was able to enjoy the Truth that was moving through me.  I looked at these words and enjoyed the feeling of calmness and peace that accompanied them.

Then I suddenly realised I needed to send some emails and complete some work.  A flurry of thoughts invaded my mind and these inspirational words drifted out of my awareness.  From peace to angst in an instant!

As my understanding of the Three Principles deepens I am beginning to see that spirituality is actually the beating heart of our existence.  Sometimes I can see this so clearly it feels real and tangible, other times I lose sight of it and it slips away like a dream upon wakening.

I at last know that I have come home.  This is the area that holds richness, depth and truth.  This is the area for me on my coaching journey. I have written an introduction to the Three Principles download ‘3 Steps to the 3Ps’ here.

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