Inside-out or Outside-in. Does it really matter whether you know the Three Principles or not?

For example – if you get hit on the head with a brick it will still hurt, regardless of whether you know the 3Ps or not.

In this fascinating conversation Mandy Jago (who has a keen interest in mindfulness and other compassion-based practices) asks some simple, challenging questions about the Three Principles.

She wants to know:

  • If everything is about the inside, how does that take account of events on the outside?’
  • How does this thinking take account of the neurological effects of trauma?
  • How does the 3Ps fit into other modalities?

Piers Thurston is a specialist in state of mind transformation, he works extensively in organisations and businesses sharing the 3Ps understanding.

Piers answers Mandy’s questions in this insightful conversation about the Three Principles.

Join Liz Scott, Mandy Jago and Piers Thurston in this latest episode

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