Inner Resilience

Resilience is not about grit and determination. Resilience is about an inner experience of the Truth. Liz Scott explains the simplicity behind inner resilience.

No tools or techniques

There are no tools or techniques for coaches using a 3P approach. The Three Principles is about sharing an understanding rather than trying to ‘fix’ a client. Liz Scott talks to Natasha Swerdloff about her journey to becoming a 3P coach

From NLP to the 3Ps

What is it like shifting from NLP to the 3Ps? Many practitioners from with world of NLP are stumbling across the 3Ps and changing the way they do things. One practitioner shares her story in an interview with Liz Scott

Coaching and the 3Ps

Going through any transition can feel like a lonely path. When coaches start to integrate the 3Ps into their coaching it can at first feel like you are taking steps into the unknown. Liz Scott explains some of the dilemmas coaches can encounter.

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