Presence, being and coaching

I was walking at dusk last night when a buzzard glided just above the tree-tops of the lane. My heart always beats faster when I see a buzzard. As it soundlessly disappeared from view I felt the tingle of gratitude and awe at sharing this moment in time.

Being alive to living

I love walking through the woods. Buzz (the labradoodle) gallops through the leaves trying to catch squirrels; a never ending whirlwind of energy on a fruitless mission.

Terror and hope

A walk in the wild winds and driving rain suited me today. As I pushed through the gusts that whipped and ripped at my hood, I was able to focus on taking one step at a time.

The compass of life

What has the Three Principles got to do with a compass? Let me explain by sharing two things I love. The first is the National Park of Dartmoor and the second is my love of the 3Ps.

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