The human connection

Being a trainer is a real privilege and it’s when I become incredibly present to the Three Principles in action. I notice when I feel angry, happy, excited, frustrated and all the other range of emotions that we are blessed to experience as humans. I might temporarily get pulled off track from my centre, but when I notice I can refocus.

When the going gets tough

The other day I was fuming.The day had started with me feeling grumpy. It was an early alarm, I hadn’t slept well and a long car journey lay ahead of me. I gave monosyllabic answers to my husband and headed out of the door wishing I could have another hour of sleep.

The inner flight of joy

The second brood of swallow chicks took their first flight outside yesterday. We had seen them practise between garage rafters and then in the morning they took the plunge from garage to garden.

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