Brett Chitty

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Meeting up with Brett Chitty

We first met Brett Chitty in Cambridge. We had cycled 425 miles from our home in Devon and had been interviewing 3P facilitators along the way.

When we arrived in Cambridge our legs said ‘no more’ so we asked Brett if he could meet us in the city. Brett said yes without hesitation.

We hadn’t realised he had recently moved and so rather than just a few miles up the road he was an hour drive away! Brett Chitty arrived at our hotel smiling.

We were tired after our day of cycling and he lifted our spirits. Whilst it rained outside, we huddled in a corner of the restaurant trying to find the quietest spot possible.

Brett Chitty and the 3Ps

Brett Chitty has been exploring the 3Ps for several years. It all started when, 4 years ago, he first felt love for a girlfriend. The feeling of love was such a new experience for him and he attributed it to her. The love he felt was a very different feeling from what he had previously imagined love to be.

This meant he started to get clingy around her because he wanted more of this feeling of love. She responded by leaving the relationship.

Although it was painful at the time it started Brett on a journey of exploration. He got a mentor, learnt about coaching and attended a 3P conference. The conference really opened his eyes to the Three Principles and from that point onwards he immersed himself in the 3Ps. He went on Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy and since coming across the Three Principles he feels more relaxed and calm than ever before.

Brett Chitty and Three Principles Supermind

Brett Chitty  also runs a membership site on the 3Ps called Three Principles Supermind. This is a place where people can hear from some of the best known 3P facilitators in the UK and world. He works as a 3P coach and facilitator.

Stu Newberry from Coaching Connect started by asking Brett how he got involved with the 3Ps

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