Brett Chitty – email interview

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Brett Chitty – Email Interview

I (Liz Scott) met up with Brett Chitty on our Big Bike Ride around the UK in 2015. I was struck by his generosity and warmth. Brett is on a mission to share the 3Ps. I asked him a few questions (via email) to learn more about him and his background

Brett Chitty -Tell us a bit about your background

My career is quite short and didn’t get started until late. When I left university, where I was unhappy, I became a recluse. I basically stayed in my bedroom for nearly 10 years and only ever went out to play golf because it was the only safe sanctuary I could go to. Everywhere else, including shopping, appointments, carried the sign “Danger!”

I was ultra-shy, I couldn’t bear my face being seen by others. My father decided to begin a chauffeuring business, and I was helping out with bookings and technology (because I could hide behind a monitor!). It wasn’t long before additional drivers were required, and I put myself forward. I had a nice car to drive, though I remember the feeling of my first driving pickup which I was extremely nervous. I’ve done around 85-90 thousand miles per year and became very adept at driving. I stopped driving at 38 because I had a heart attack, and then I had problems with my legs that severely restricted my mobility.

My personal development did not get started until I was 36, when I felt a feeling on a date that went far beyond anything I had experienced. I realised that feeling was love, so everything I learnt about love up to that point suddenly became outdated and had to be thrown out of the window. It was shocking in the sense that suddenly I had no idea what life is about, and the realisation that I’ve been to school and university, nobody ever taught me what life was about.

Afterwards I had a very turbulent period, because I thought that the source of love came from my girlfriend at the time, and unsurprisingly, it wasn’t long before we broke up. I got very clingy and demanding that I wanted that feeling to come back, so I went about attempting to change my girlfriend’s behaviour so that I could more of that wonderful feeling. Unfortunately, looking back, I realised that the more I tried to change her behaviour, love seemed to get a lot harder to find. It was the perfect recipe for her to end the relationship.

Afterwards, it seemed that everywhere I looked didn’t have the answer, so I got stuck for a while, and with a wide array of “how I wasn’t good enough” questions in my head that wasn’t going anywhere.

I did however, enlist the services of a mentor, and whilst he was very helpful in seeing how much of my life was backwards (I had no idea what backwards meant at the time!), I had less on my mind, but there was still something missing.

When did you come across the 3Ps?

I came across the Three Principles a few months thereafter, in November 2011, by a series of events that I am so fortunate to have been a part of. I was given a list of courses and books to read by a Harley Street Life coach that would assist me in becoming a professional coach.

One of the items on the list was the book “Somebody Should Have Told Us!”, written by Jack Pransky. Something got stirred within me, and by coincidence, I attended the Innate Health conference in London, all about the Principles, the following month in December 2011. The conference was amazing where I was so moved at the transformations of people that ended their innocent suffering to a far happier and joyful lives that became a way of life and not something to maintain. From then on, there was a strong sense of ‘is that the answer?’, so I began looking in that direction as a very keen area of interest.

What is the difference between 3P and other CPD you have done

I did a little NLP and Hypnosis training, and even though I enjoyed them, I always felt something was missing and that practising them did not reap any long term benefit. The benefits were placebo-like, great at the beginning but disappeared quickly without any sustainable change. I had approached them as something to do, and that I need to get to a place I thought would serve me better. However, I didn’t realise I was operating on a profound misunderstanding into nature of the human experience.

The 3Ps are a description for how we are doing, regardless of what we do. It’s completely neutral. It is not what we think how we are doing, it is wisdom that lets us know how we are doing. In other words, we are recognising that there is a wiser, deeper intelligence that is always at work, yet we have the ability to not listen to that with our limited thinking (often as if it the deeper intelligence doesn’t exist).

Today, I see more and more clearly that the most important question I have for myself is: ‘Am I including (or factoring in) thought in my experience?’ The recognition of Thought is always incredible, because there is unlimited wisdom that unfolds in that moment.

What has been the impact for you personally as you have developed your understanding?

The impact for me has been two-fold. The first one is just how much of my thinking just naturally fell away. I didn’t do anything to make it fall away, because as I understood the simple nature of the Principles, a lot of my thinking didn’t make any sense anymore. That gave me an incredible sense of peace, a permeation through me if you will, and it didn’t make any sense to lose that deeper feeling of contentment and joy, something that got me to realise I was already a part of life instead of trying to join a party that seemed exclusive to only a few people.

The other part was a natural evolution of listening to wisdom, via the Power of Thought, within me. Time after time, I continue to be amazed by what wisdom can bring as it almost always far supersede anything I could possibly think of.

The two together has enabled me to be more present and seeing the beauty of life in miraculous ways that I never knew existed or taught.

Today, I am in awe of the simplicity of the Principles, which reveals ever increasing implications for how we live our lives. When a new implication reveals itself, life changes both spiritually and psychologically. This brings about change in the way we live, sustainably, with more love, understanding, joy, compassion and deeper connection to all things, including people.

Do you think the 3Ps is the only way to a deeper spiritual experience?

Yes! Without a shadow of a doubt. I heard from Dean Rees-Evans, who was mentored by Roger Mills, saying that the 3Ps are the ONLY thing at work throughout our whole lives. The more I experience the power and simplicity of the Principles, the more I see that Roger was absolutely right.

A deeper spiritual experience is always the result of only one realisation; seeing that the experience (or feelings, or personal reality) is coming from the Power of Thought in the moment, and not from something other than thought. It’s that simple, (not always easy), though I didn’t believe it at first!

I find myself being connected to people that’s beyond whatever is spoken, and even flora and fauna too. That connection is spiritual itself, and there’s nothing to do to be a part of that.

What is Supermind?  Why might people be interested in signing up?

Three Principles Supermind is a global resource featuring expert Three Principles presenters. It’s an opportunity for people all over the world to join in the conversation via the internet or telephone. We have a number of options of how people can take their interest of the Three Principles further.

  1. We have a subscription where people can stay in the conversation, with twice-weekly webinars. The featured speakers are from all over the world, and tend to have at least 5 years of experience of connecting their experience to the Principles. Some speakers have over 40 years of experience.
  2. We host multi-part webinar series that focus on specific aspects of the Principles, and the speaker(s) are always the same and vastly experienced. It’s a way of deepening and strengthening the understanding that is accessible regardless of where we live.
  3. We also offer recordings of workshops or seminars, so people have the opportunity to see what the Principles are. Not everyone can attend workshops or seminars for various reasons. This is bringing the recorded workshops or seminars to you instead.
  4. Very soon, we will be offering recorded professional training for people who want to set up their own business teaching the Principles or take their existing 3P-based business to another level.
  5. We have a few audio products, where you can download some MP3s and listen to them in your own time.


I am currently creating a new website,, that is 100% about the principles (it is still under construction as of Feb 2016 ). I think “Single Paradigm Coach” is quite fancy, but there is a truth and simplicity in that.

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