Big Bike Ride 2015

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We are back in the saddle this summer. Me, Stu and Buzz our labradoodle will be getting on our bicycles (well Buzz is in a trailer rather than a bike) and heading to London. Along the way we will be interviewing people who are involved in the world of the Three Principles. I have a feeling that out of this trip I will write a book, I hear a voice inside me waiting to emerge.

I’m a bit of a philosopher and since coming across the Three Principles I have noticed a real shift. In the past I have eagerly learnt different ideas, theories and techniques to support my coaching work. Now I am much more interested in my internal journey – a journey of self-understanding. This is likely to be the focus of my book.

We aren’t new to cycling

Liz Buzz and StuWe have done a bit of cycling in our time. Fifteen years ago we cycled from Roscoff to Santander, then we pedalled from Lands End to John O’Groats.
Our most recent bike ride was 5 year ago when we cycled from home (Devon) to Edinburgh and back. It was 1200 miles. On this bike ride we interviewed key people in the world of coaching and put them on our website.
This year we’re off again. This time we have our dog Buzz in tow (quite literally) and we’re heading towards London and then on to Cambridge. We are going to interview people again, but this time it is going to be interviews with facilitators and trainers from the world of the Three Principles.

Planning the trip

So how did the bike ride come about? For several years we’ve been considering another bike trip, but we didn’t want to leave Buzz behind. A few months ago I woke up one morning, turned to Stu and suggested we buy a trailer for the dog and set off on another bike trip; an adventure we could share with Buzz.

I don’t want to tempt fate in any way shape or form. However, as we near our start date of July 29th the weather forecast is clearing up. We have managed to book dog-friendly accommodation all the way up to London (that took hours!) and we have had several practice runs with the trailer and Buzz.

On the downside I am concerned that my fitness levels are a bit poor (I haven’t trained properly), I have yet to book up the 3P interviews (as I write this we leave in 24 hours time) and I know from cycling in the past, that there are some things you can never plan for (like punctures and the weather).

Keep in touch

When I do the interviews (fingers crossed they will be available) I will keep you posted about what I have learnt and share some of the insights I gather along the way.

We will be updating things regularly on both our Facebook page and also through my email blogs. You can sign up for  introduction to the 3Ps here. 

About Liz Scott

Liz Scott is a Coaching Skills trainer and 3P practitioner. She helps develop coaching cultures within schools and organisations. Liz uses her understanding of the 3Ps within her training and is experiencing great success and results in the organisations she is working in. Download an introduction to the 3Ps here.  Find out more about Liz at Liz Scott Coaching and Training


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