Week 2 – Owley Gate walk

Nature is a real mirror for life. A walk across Dartmoor can inspire deep reflection. In this week’s walk Liz takes a stroll to one of the gates leading onto Dartmoor. Owley Gate is a couple of miles from Moorhaven. It’s on the lower moor and with a mist coming down on the higher moor, Liz realises this is a good option for this week’s walk

Principles-based coaching – Liz Scott

Principles-based coaching was a game-changer for Liz Scott. When she understood the impact of the Three Principles she knew her coaching would never be the same. The transition wan’t instant and it had its challenges. Here’s Liz’s story.

Mary Schiller – PTSD and the 3Ps

Mary Schiller experienced years of therapy for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after experiencing an abusive relationship. When she came across the Three Principles her whole life changed. Liz Scott met up with Mary in a New York diner to find out about her story.